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You can thank Gerber!

20 Pax were warned that we would run today and we did.  The 2020 Deadwood is trying very hard to be more sensitive to some of the snowflakes we call Pax.  When I started back to F3 almost 2yrs ago I quickly noticed who was upfront, who was in the middle and of course I noticed the 6.  The competitive drive in me said, “you need to work hard each time you post and catch Dasher, Bottlecap, Easy Button, Gerber and Hollywood (still working on that). Eventually, I made my way from mid-pack towards the front. Now I am not being pushed.  Yes, you probably could care less what I think of them, which is ok. But I care what the Zinfandels, Transporters, Dashers, Gerbers, Hollywoods (yes there are others but they come to mind) think of my intensity, workout ethic, and improving performance. Why don’t you care? Where is your drive? I will never respect a Pax (not that you care) that shows ups and hides in the corner, while reps are happening, so the other Pax can’t see them skip half of every exercise. I will never respect the “talking Pax”…talks a big game but never delivers.  I will never respect a Pax that Q’s a workout and cant do their own Q…Join FIA or work harder and get stronger. If you Q it, you should be able to do it. I’m done… I love you all but some of you need to take a hard look in the mirror. Some guys have physical limitations and are working their asses off…I’m not talking to you guys. It’s the guys that have been posting over a year and are still skipping through workouts…YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!  Lastly, if the paragraph above bothers you or speaks to you, you’re welcome! I called you out without actually calling you, that’s new 2020 Deadwood.  Now you have an opportunity to step it up during workouts without everyone looking at you.  All I want is for all the Pax that have the potential to push themselves to their fullest potential.


DiCCCS given: Lets Mosey

Long Run around the school, I wanted a mile but settled for 0.80. Circle up

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 20 IC – We clearly need to do more of these. It was a total of 40. Men that can do 40 consecutive pushups in a minute are 96% less likely to have cardiovascular disease..Google it.

Calf Stretch – Damascus howled when I called this!

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Lets mosey

Parking Lot

Long run down and back

4 Rounds 10 Dry Docks down – 10 Merkins back – A few pax got 5 rounds, nice job!

Mosey around to entrance – YHC placed 6 cones along the road on the exit side and 6 along the entrance side.  Starting at the bottom of the hill on the exit side, run up towards the main road all the way around the entrance down the entrance road to the very last cone…One burpee and run back to the start. Repeat to the next to last cone, One burpee…THIS TOOK FOREVER! I couldn’t even keep count of the number of OMAHAS I heard from BC as we passed each other! Haha.  I was not going to wavier from the Q. Then Recalulationg started grumbling, I’m not wavering!! About halfway through I notice Gerber was really pulling away from everyone… The newly found Vegan seems to be getting even faster!! My plan was to call recover once Gerber finished! He did and I yelled recover.

Partner up! – P1 runs one direction P2 runs other direction around parking lot circle at the front of the school

Round 1 – 5 burpees

Round 2- 10 Dry Docks

Round 3- 35 Monkey Humpers

Round 4-35 Monkey Humpers

Meet under the owning for Cpatian Therkin w/ 4 merkins…Done Mosey back to COT 4.8 Miles – Gerber got over 5 I’m sure.

The Moleskine:

Most pax pushed hard today, I didn’t.  I could have 100% pushed myself harder. Was I still out front? Yes. Is that good enough, should I post and not go 100%? No, it’s not good, I should post and go hard. But today I wasn’t feeling it. I did all the reps, I ran, I led, and I told guys good work in passing. That’s all I had. I’ve been sick, I’m still coughing and the cold air hurts. I will own it.

Were you like me today? Or were you pushing yourself to the edge of puking? Did you give all you had on the run, could you have pushed a little harder?  Have you ever pushed so hard at a workout you’ve actually puked? What do you actually want from a workout? Why do you show up to workouts? Is it to get healthy, chat with a pal, or skip getting the kids ready for school? I’m merely asking. If you are happy where you are physically and don’t want to push harder at a workout, great, I’m happy for you. But if you are a Pax that talks a big game, and is still in the minors you should think about going a bit harder when you post.  Or if you are in shape and can go hard…..F&*^%*($ go hard! WORK! IMPROVE!  All I got.


Welcome, Fife! He’s a guy from the Briars and Crest and for his first post he ended up with me on Q! He killed it! Well done man!


March is a one (DUMB) Q month – 67ish workouts and we will need 67 single Q’s

Rooster Race – 5 man team, each member runs 5- 1-mile loops and the team runs the last mile together Feb 29th 6-10



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