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Ignition Backblast

I showed up to Cuthbertson at 5:10am and only saw Recalculating standing there.  At first, I thought he might be having a senior moment and didn’t realize where he was, but after a quick check on his mental health it was determined that he was indeed participating at ignition today.  I noticed him having second thoughts however when Ice 9, Wolverine, Hollywood, bottlecap and Dasher all rolled up next.  He then remembered some wise words a one-eyed man once told him 48 hours earlier and decided to man up and hang with the big boys. Proud of you today Recalculating.  You earned that bath!!

DICC’s given and we are off to the front of the high school.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

10 merkins

15 x Plank jacks

Calf stretches

20 dips

10 derkins

The Thang

Mosey over towards the football stadium and make a pit stop at the alcoves at the high school.  In alcove #1 complete 10 mike Tyson’s.  mosey over to alcove #2 for 20 donkey kicks.  Rinse and repeat x3.

Mosey around back of school to trail leading to Lawson (the good side of Lawson).  Stop for some mary along the way.

Once in Lawson.  Mosey to Pawpaw Lane stopping at each streetlamp for 5 merkin shredders

Mosey to Great Road.  Start at one end of the cul de sac and run to the other end (.5 miles away) stopping at every streetlight for 5 burpees.  Total of 12 streetlights.  The plan was to run back to complete the burpee mile but the chatter from a certain soft drink employee was so annoying that I called quits after .75 miles.

Mosey back to Paw Paw lane for some 7’s.  1 burpee at the bottom of the street and 6 merkins at the top of the street.

Head back to Cuthbertson for COT with 30 seconds to spare.

The Moleskin

It is always an honor to lead ignition with a great group of guys.  Everyone always brings their A game and shows up strong.  Good work today fellas.



Whatever Gerber put in his BB.

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