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Smooth isn’t exactly the word I would use…

18 pax joined me for a tour around Marvin Ridge with a few puddles along the way.

I didn’t have a super elaborate Q planned this morning but I think it still turned out well. One pax ranks it up there with the worst Q he’s attended. The jury is still out.  Either way,  Saturday you will witness a masterpiece!!  Gladiator will be held at Cuthbertson Middle @ 6:29, same parking location as Ignition/Swarm…..wait, some of you will not post at either of those, does Flash or Impromptu ring a bell??? Park there.

The first rule of Gladiator is that you don’t talk about Gladiator..shhhhhhhh.

5:30, Lets Mosey! We ran around the back of the school to the big globe and circled up…

SSH x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Calf Stretch flapjack

MC x 15 IC

PJ x 15 IC


We ran suicides along the front of the school to each light and back… 5 merkins down and 5 drydocks back. I didn’t realize that would so quickly, but it did.  Stop at the end of the school and recover. Mosey around the school again and hold at the first parking lot as you exit the concrete path.

Hair burners (We had way too many people for this, I should have audibled)

Alternate pushing the plate back and forth while you wait on it to arrive. Squats while you wait… That sucked, so while you wait….this typing….is about… smooth this portion…of … the Q…….went. Recover.

Same groups. Overhead weight carries while walking/running fast walk w/ a burpee at the back.  This would have worked great on a 4 lanes road but we were on a 6-8′ wide path. I was over it.

Stop at the parking lot. Captain Therkin. You guys should have abs of steel by now.  2.5 minutes remained so ran the parking lot down and back with burpees in the middle both ways. Back to COT.

Good work today guys and thanks for letting me lead. I’ll see you all Saturday at Gladiator.



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