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Paybacks a …….. actually, the title is: Persistence

Bottle Cap pinged me early to double check if I could still Q with the impeding inclement weather. I was up for a wet and cold Q as long as I could get there and back home safely. All was clear and I was on my way. Minimal traffic, but still a haul from Fort Mill! My original workout was out the door with the wet and cold conditions, but to my surprise it was snowing! Big flakes making it a winter wonder land. I was excited. Even more of a surprise were 3 little 2.0’s showing up, one being an FNG! Quick disclaimer appropriate for all ages and a refresher on the mission and purpose of F3. If you don’t know it, look it up and preach it!

The Thang:

Mosey with high knees, butt kickers, side step, flap jack, backwards run, and continue mosey to covered area.

First set: I stole this from Cheese Curd who stole it from Metro. He’s right, it’s tough calling all the candance (cadence) and keeping it all straight, but I did it. Start with 10 6 count cadence burpees, then 10 big boy situps, 10 squats, 10 merkins. Repeat with 9, then 8, then 7, then 6 down to 1. Anyone know the total of burpees? Here’s a hint: (10 x 9) / 2 = ???

Second set: Partner up. P1 runs around the parking lot while P2 does a set (as a team) of 150 hand release merkins on the bench, 150 dips on the bench, and 150 step ups on the bench. Running in the snow was quite the challenge! Snow goggles would’ve helped but the 2.0’s did a fantastic job and laughed along the way.

Third set: Jack Webb, 1 donkey kick and 4 arm raises all the way until 10 and 40. Pressing air sucks!

Mary: various things on our six and mixed in some hand release merkins and supermans. Ended with “Have a Nice Day”, a quick recovery time to reflect on the day and what’s to come. Mosey back for COT.

Announcement: F3 Waxhaw event this Saturday at Cuthbertson High School, I think… reach out to one of the Pax for more info.

Prayers for Frack’s health and his friend who recently had a heart attack. Prayers for all who’s having challenges with their health.


I write a lot of Backblasts, in my mind. Honestly, I’ve had some trouble getting on and then forget. Today was different. Several Pax stepped up, and after an hour of trouble shooting we got me up and running. So here we are after 1.5 hours for a decent Backblast. Hence the change in name in the title. It was going to be Paybacks a bleep because Bottle Cap and others from Waxhaw have stepped up to help grow F3 in Indian Land. But Persistence is the word of the day. They didn’t give up on me, they led, they followed, and they made darn sure I’d get a backblast out. I hope to do the same for my fellow pax, to help them accelerate as Dark Helmet says. #SYITG #ISI #BetterNeverQuits #PainIsTemporary


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