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The Dave Ramsey Workout – One on One

I figured with the snow and sleet yesterday it would be low numbers today.  I wasn’t even sure when I woke up that the roads would be passable.  I opened the garage to find the driveway almost dry…not even wet for ice.  Quickly loaded up the gear and headed out to Five Stones to find Brutus waiting in his car.  After getting gear set up, we had 20 minutes to chat waiting on other pax to arrive.  5 min until start….hmmm.  2 Min…still no one.  I warned Brutus that if no one showed up, I was going to give him an ass whooping of a workout as I knew he could take it.  Time and no other pax.  DiCCS given.  Lets go.



Broke the workout into muscle groups.

Biceps: Three stations.  27lb bar curl.  22 lb bar reverse curl.  25 lb dumbbell hammer curl.  Do 300 reps each.  Do 150 Reps Each.  Do 100 Reps each.  Go to exhaustion at each station and do that three times.

Shoulders: Three Stations, Three times.  Military Press with Dumbbells (25 and 3o lbs).  One hand Clean, snatch, and press with one dumbbell alternating hands.  27lb bar reverse grip press.

Triceps: Three Stations Three times.  25 or 30 lb dumbbell overhead extension.  10 lb dumbbell kickbacks.  Dips.

Shoulders Round 2: Four stations, three times. 10 lb dumbbell Lateral raise.  10 lb dumbbell reverse fly.  22 lb bar front raise.  10 lb plate wheelbarrow walkers??? (Not sure what to call these but you put your feet on two small plates, keep legs straight and use your hands to walk/pull your body.  Went three parking spaces out.

Back: Cinderblock Rows.  Reverse Fly’s again.  As many as you could do in 2.5 minutes.  TIME’S UP.



I enjoy the camaraderie that Diesel brings.  The extra mumble chatter.  While two may sound like an awful workout number,  I actually enjoyed it today.  Brutus was great company (the dude wont shut up), and is a great yin to my yang (I won’t speak).

Its amazing how many reps you can do the first round when you say go to exhaustion, and then by round three you are barely doing half the reps you started round one with.  Lots of tired tight muscles today.

Lots of good idea’s shared around plans to pay houses off early.  I’ve got a one year plan (was five years in total and I’m in year 4), Brutus has a 2 year plan (no clue how long he has been working on it).  I like his thought process better so if your curious, pull him to the side and listen to his thoughts on saving mortgage interest.  There are lots of tricks/secrets to paying a house off early, but however you do it, it takes disciplined saving and extra money going towards that principal.  Akbar is also a good one I’ve heard speak on the subject if your looking for a resource.

Other topics of discussion included home life, bridge design, both of our shoulder injuries, ways to make our F3 region better, and how we can’t wait until spring weather so the rest of you jack clowns will get out of bed and come join us.


ANNOUNCEMENTS for father/daughter dance registration.  March 6th at Ballentyne Hotel.  This will be my third year taking my daughter and she looks forward to it every year.  Yes the schools do one too, but I find this one to be much more impactful and time well spent with my daughter.

Christ Closet Giveaway this Saturday at Akbar’s church (corner of Newtown and Cuthbertson).  9:00 – 2:00 is the giveaway hours but they need pax earlier than that to help set up.  Trucks needed to haul furniture.


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