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Split Q

Banjo asked me if I want to split the Q and of course, I said yes. Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to Q at one of the 4 workouts at Cuthbertson should get on the list, its a great campus.

Banjo’s weinke:

Run to towards Transporters shed – Butt kicks and Russian kicks on the way. Continue to the traffic circle near the stadium.

Circle up:

Normal warmup exercises.

His Thang:

Three-Way: Run from the traffic circle to school back to traffic circle then down to the cul da sac beside the stadium.

At the school – 20 step-ups

Traffic circle – 10 merkins shredders

The cul da sac – 10 burpees

Each time you run through the traffic circle do the 10 merkin shredders.

My Thang:

Mosey around the stadium to the bottom of the long hill. Triple Nickel and stop at the top of the hill past the island. Out and back is 1 – repeat x 5

5 MT’s at the top

5 squats at the bottom

Paula Abdul

Moesy to the light poles along the front of the school. Run two lights down, do two burpees. Run one light back, 10 monkey humpers. We made it to the last light pole and had time to cut one lap around the front on the middle school.

The Moleskine:

Thanks, Banjo for splitting the Q and as always thanks to the Pax for following my lead. We ran a lot for an Impromptu workout, I think about 3.7m It was a solid workout.


Open door Sunday @ 7:00 at Five Stones




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