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Assafari at Asylum

11 Pax broke the week open at 5:fricken15 to check out the fresh virgin Q.  A pleasurable 43 degrees, just warm enough to leave the heavy layers at home.  As the debutant, I thought I would show my suitors a good time taking them to places of my youth…the jungles and plains Africa.  Oh the places we will go and things we will do. 

DCCS given.  Mosey…maybe a little to0 far for my warm up run, like many virgins, I was out of breath and forgot to count the SSHs.  Recovered with Merkins mixed with stretching the baby Buffalos.(calves)  Began the African adventure at the Moroccan Night Club…no counting, but I regaled the suitors with the stories of the adventures we would have.

Mosey down to the mouth of the Nile.  Run up the Nile, two lights up-one back 10 Boat Canoes to the top of the Hill.  When done come get the 6 and we will recover together.  Mosey to the first Animal Sighting.

The Egyptian Goose, basically the canadian goose of africa…but with a higher voice.  Duck walk up to the top of the Hill…Get those tails down.

Next two sightings as we made our way around the 4 Corners of the Globe.  Monkey Humpers on a virgin-q was a little rough…especially since the green monkeys were presumed to be the first carriers of AIDS. 40x,30x,20x,10x    Oh!  Ze bras!  Zebra Butt kickers at alternating corners. 40x,30x,20x,10x  Gosh Darn-it!!!  All the other animals were in hiding due to civil wars.

Wait What!!!  Giant Fruit Bats!  bat wings 20,20,20 mosey and repeat.   More Egyptian Geese!  Sadly no more animals.

Head Home with partner runs 100 LBCs 100 Merkins.

The Moleskin.

Clocked in 2.6 miles.  Traveled the Globe and literally worked our Assylums off.  My butt is sore and I found standing slightly difficult.  I hope the rest of your day is filled with Travelers diarrhea to give your cheeks a little more of a work out.

Lift up Fuse’s Uncle-just lost wife.

March 6th-Daddy Daughter Dance-Fuse has the info…due to technical difficulties I couldn’t record the announcements.

Great Christ Closet give away.  Next one is the first week of April.

Mosey over to CFA for learning about the King!



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