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Ignition Gets Back To Its Roots

12 of Waxhaw’s finest (yes, Moneyball, we include Mineral Springs as part of Waxhaw . . . but not Monroe DW) adhered to the call for headlamps and reflective gear as we were going old school.  When Hollywood and Halfback started this workout, they created a strict set of rules to follow so YHC wanted to ensure this long list was followed to a T.


  • Toughest workout in Waxhaw
  • Minimum 4+ miles
  • No Mary
  • Opening 1 mile at faster than mosey pace


  • Opening mile to Lawson clubhouse
    • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Mike Tysons
  • Mosey to an open garage and steal some heavy weights
    • P1 runs with weight / P2 does 10 T-Tap merkins and catches P1
  • Bottom of Dearmeadows nasty hill . . . Do we have a name for this hill?
    • 3 burpees at top of hill
    • Exercises at bottom of hill
      • 3 sets of shoulder presses (Reps = 70 minus # of lbs of your weight)
      • 3 sets of bicep curls
      • 3 sets of goblet squats
  • Mosey back the garage
    • P1 runs up 2 mailboxes and does Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2 runs with weight overhead
  • Fast mosey back to COT with some exercises along way


  • Hollywood also created the Ignition MVP award where he gives out a “Party Rock” shirt to the winner
  • If you haven’t received one yet, you aren’t trying hard enough in his eyes
  • Not sure who was the MVP from today as Hollywood likes to give the award in private but I have my guesses
  • Thanks to Carb Load for bringing the phone (that is a MUST if you are going any distance away from COT)
  • Legal Zoom was a heck of a partner today . . . Thanks for getting to me so quickly on that last weighted mosey
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . Dude was crushing the hill today
  • Glidah and Gerber were seemingly getting faster up the hill each time
  • Wolverine and Hollywood aren’t human
  • Zinfandel back strong today after Mr. Mom weekend
  • Recalculating and Deflated impressed me today with no slowing down despite nagging injuries
  • Dasher is so consistent . . . Always up front and pushing


  • March is “1 Q” month:  60+ workouts need 60+ PAX to step up and lead . . . Do your part and ask somebody.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be a leader!
  • Prayers needed:
    • Posse:  Lost his job recently.  Looking for title of CEO, Chairman of the Board, or Housewife (I believe I caught that correct but I’ll defer to Goodfella’s backblast).  Reach out to him on LinkedIn and see how you can help.
    • Gator Cub:  His son has been battling an illness and was recently diagnosed.  Thankfully it appears treatable.
    • Easy Button:  Him and his wife (who is a lot faster than him) recently became foster parents to a teenage girl.  Lots of adjustments for them so reach out if you can help in anyway.

Goodfella took us out with a Ball of Man around Posse . . . #IronSharpensIron

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