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This morning was perfect for working out outdoors. 51 degrees and no rain? COME ON, MAN? IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Asked a few of the Pax before we started if they would rather do a merkin or big boy mile at the end. They chose merkin and of course, ShakeNBake said “No” to either but he still crushed it. In fact, he said a lot of his infamous “No” today. I wonder if Deflated can put something in his magic wand of computery to track the number of Shake”No”Bakes (Copyright 2020) during a workout.  GET ON IT DEFLATED!

DiCCS Delivered

Warned everyone that opening mosey would be a half mile and OneStar said” I’ll see ya later” and started heading back to the car. (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the only one who felt that way). He changed his mind apparently and joined us for the workout. Always great seeing you out there, brother. You bring a lot of character.


1/2 mile around back of schools to parking lot where we did:

10 Merkins IC, 25 MC’s IC, Drop to elbows and do 25 plank jacks IC, back up to plank and do 10 Peter Parkers followed by 10 Parker Peters, Calf stretch L/R and the obligatory downward/upward dog. No SSH’s and no IW’s bc I hate them and saw no point to them after a half mile opening mosey.

The Thang –

Supposed to do 3 minutes of burpees at this point but decided it needed to wait until the end bc there were other things I wanted to make sure we got around to doing and I thought we would run out of time. (And we did)

In MS Faculty parking lot run to top island and do 20 lung walks (10 each leg) then run back around the lot to start and do 10 Jumping knee touches. RR until get to 3 sets of each.

Mosey to Globe This is where Zinfandel led us in some Mary while we waited for the Six. We did 15 or 20 Heels to Heaven.

Run from Globe to first alcove and do 20 Carolina Dry Docks, run back to Globe and do 20 Reverse Plank Knee Raises (10 each leg) and thank you to Bottle Cap for showing me this awful exercise! RR until 3 sets completed. Zinfandel led us in LBC’s until the Six came in.

Mosey to corner of student parking lot and begin Merkin mile. Start with 10 and do 10 after running each parking row. Ended up where we started and then had 1:00 left to make it back to COT. I think we all made it back on time.



Everyone pushed hard and during the Merkin Mile we found out there is an exercise called the Worm that is sometimes confused with the Merkin. That was corrected with some EHing and form was back on track for the remainder of the mile. Thank you to those involved, you know who you are…

We all get on one another from time to time about form. I just want to say that form is how you get stronger with the exercise and it’s intended result and is how you prevent injury. Don’t cheat your self, (or others if you’re in a competition), out of getting your truly, best effort.


March is no repeat Q month. If you have never Qed or haven’t Qed in a while… Step up!

A lot of opportunities to serve this month. Check the calendar for a 3rd F event you can attend.

YHC took us out #cradletograve

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