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Wolfpack Headache Leads to Pax Headaches

(Thank you Posse for the BB title).  I woke up this morning with a headache likely caused by me silently yelling at the TV last night at 10:30 while the rest of the family slept.  My Wolfpack decided to lay another egg against the Cheats Tarholes baby blues.  To make matters worse, after setting out eqiupment (thanks again to Posse for the help) I arrive to the shovel flag to find Mayham proudly sporting those awful baby blues.  Touche Mayham.  If you win, you got bragging rights.  So with all that said, I had some built up frustrations that unfortunately got taken out of the pax.  Here’s how it went.


Mosey to front entrance.

Hamstring stretch waiting on the 6.

Toy Soldiers 1o each leg.

20 Dry Docks per light pole heading to mount Chiseled.  I’m assuming we did around 100.



Partner up.  10 stations

  • 27 lb Bar curl
  • 22 lb bar reverse curl
  • 35 lb or 25 lb keddle bells for tricep extensions
  • 10 lb dumbbell tricep kick backs.
  • 30 lb or 25 lb dumbbell military presses
  • 10 lb dumbbell reverse fly
  • 40 lb buckets for shoulder shrugs
  • 35 lb cinder block rows
  • Foot release jump squats using  cinder blocks on the curb as the bench
  • Hair burner and Wheelbarrow pulls (Timer)

In between each round I called out a different thing to do before rotating.  They were:

  • 20 merkins
  • Run backwards up mount Chiseled then bear crawl down back side and half lap back to start. (Not a Pax pleaser)
  • 15 Merkins
  • Full lap around mt chiseled
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 In/Outs
  • Lunge Walks to Curb and Reverse Lunge Walk back
  • Run A lap
  • 15 Dry Docks
  • 4 Sprints

We got 1.5 rounds before time got the better of us.  Put equipment in my car.  If no equipment in your hand, run a lap.  Heisman was holding one of the long bars so I graciously took it from him so he could run a lap.  Catfish called me out that it was just so I didn’t have to run a lap.  Yup.

All equipment up, meet the pax that started running laps and head back to the shovel flag.  The 6 arrived just as the clock hit 6:15.


Thanks to everyone coming out.  20 pax are strong numbers for Chiseled.  (I guess it was the weather).  I loved the mix we had today.  Some new guys.  Some respects.  Stronger guys.  Some Gazelles.  A great group.

Thanks again for Posse for arriving early to help with equipment.

FNG – Sledge-o-matic.  His name is Jim Galliger and I led with an opening Melon Smasher but Glidah came in with the perfect name at the end.  Another strong consideration was Sweet Caroline as he dabbles as a singer/song writer.   Great push today for your opening workout.

Thanks to Mayhem who partnered up with Sledge-O-Matic and helped decipher our exicon for him.

Strong push out of the regulars today.

I think we all learned it may be best to not allow me to Q after a Wolfpack rivalry loss.  Sorry boys.  We can beat Duke by 22, but then get swept by the worse Carolina team since the Dohrtey (there is an H in there somewhere) years.  Thanks to my Wolfpack bud Chicken Little who gave me his feathery shoulder to cry on listened to me lament about how bad we are and thanking God that we at least have a good baseball team to watch.

It was great having all three site Q’s out today.  Its been tough with my travel here at the beginning of the year and I appreciate Rudy and Glidah stepping up to fill in while I’m gone.

Good push by Flow.  Glad to see he is becoming a regular.  With our resident youngin’s (Halfback and Stub Hub) taking time off to raise youngin’s of their own (I assume), I’ve been in the predicament of being the youngest guy out there.   I’ve got Flow by a year so keep coming out so you can catch all the Millennial jokes instead of me.

Legalized pushed hard with me today.  We locked eyes a couple times while attempting to catch our breath.  I knew then I had a good workout going.  Sometimes whats in your head (or on paper) doesn’t always translate well to the actual workout.  Today was as rough as I had hoped it would be when planning it.

Brutus work trip prevented him from leading today, but have no fear pax….you can experience a Brutus beat down in April.



Father/Daughter Dance.  March 6.  Ballentyne Hotel to register.

Pray for Blades of Glory as he takes 33 HS kids on a mission trip to Guatemala

Keep praying that Posse’s time our of work will be brief and that he will land a dream job soon.

Christ Closet folding parting this Thursday at Akbar’s church

Mayhem (dang I’ve mentioned him a lot) is leading a mission trip to Nicaragua in September.  Akbar is a HC.  He is looking to get additional F3 guys to join.


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