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The 7 Cones of Keith Jong Hill

Everyone should love a challenge,  if you don’t. Skip Floater. I am unable to make Floater much except in the summer,  don’t love Floater.  It is just the lameass prelude to the best two workouts in the county that take place at Cutty. Best part of Floater,  it is rarely an easy workout with all hills our little town provides. But 16 men rocked it and kicked KJH butt.

DICCs, Disclosure, Head over to DC

SSH, MNC, IW,Plank Stretch,Merkins w/ some counting issues

The Thang

20 Monkey Humpers each light to Price St – 5 total

Head towards Laundromat and down to the stop sign for 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes

Head down KJH for 7 cones of Keith Jong Hell
-7 Cones, 7 Exercises up KJH, and Sprint down

-Exercises: 10 Plank rotation Merkins, 10 PJs, 10 Speed Skaters, 10 Scorpion Dry Docks, 10 Smurf Jacks, 10 MCs, 10 Squat Jumps

Head to bottom of KJH for planking with some bird dog planks

Sprint up KJH to stop sign

Catch breath and sprint to church

A minute of mary while a car wanted to come through


It was a morning where you could shout out to each and every pax because everyone pushed hard. Form police were out on watch while Rudy managed to keep things in, except air. (Holy Moly)

The exercises got tough with PAX out in front changing periodically.   Rest of the PAX stayed together without there truly being a 6.  It was great to see everyone push it to the limit.

BC, EB, CL, Deflated and Swimmers seem to overall lead the way.  Scheider still seems to be improving becoming stronger and faster.  He is becoming an impressive OG, just needs to complain a whole lot more to reach Recalcs (prowess/curmudgeon) level.

It is truly amazing to see 0-69 out there doing his thing, early in the morning, just bettering himself.   Takes a HUGE amount of dedication, well done.

Was nice to finally meet the guy given the name Man Touch, was too scared to ask why he had the name so just left it as is.  Nice job pushing Man Touch.

Supporting cast of PAX all killed it this morning in a workout that seemed to go by quickly. Smithers, Doughboy, BoG, Foundation, Rudy and the Instructionally challenged Damascus grabbed KJH by the balls, twisted and then just killed the workout like everyone else.  DW would have been proud as there appeared to be not a single slacker.


Ultimate Frisbee at Swarm with Foundation and Amazing Race at Impromptu with Recalc

Dads camp coming soon.. (refer to GM)

Christ Closet Folding for Give Away in April  (refer to GM)

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