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“Whiteboard of Pain” for The Arsenal!

Leaving your comfort zone and bubble once in a while is important for growth as a man and a leader. The F3 Waxhaw bubble has everything we need on a day-t0-day basis (all 3 F’s), and we can lose sight that there are more opportunities to lead within a 10-15 minute drive.  We are blessed to have our brothers from Indian Land/SOB so close to us, and we often see them posting at the Waxhaw AO’s.  The Indian Land Elementary/Middle/High School campus is amazing, and there is a lot to do there. When YHC needed to postpone an Arsenal Q earlier this month due to a work obligation, I needed to get back on the schedule quickly. Thank you to to Happy Meal for allowing this to happen.

YHC showed up early to plant some “lighting fixtures” (lanterns) along the dark playground track behind the school (along with a sweet Whiteboard) since it was an important part of the Weinke. YHC met up with our brother, Boucher, for a pre-run around the campus to catch up on life, since he hadn’t posted in a while. Great start to the day.

The other pre-runners joined us soon after, along with Run Flat and his (R) FNG. Knowing what was in store, Run Flat agreed to stay with his FNG and help him “modify as needed”. Bluetooth speaker charged, Playlist loaded, “DiCCS” disclaimer give, and it was time to roll.


Mosey around the ES parking lot, making stops along the way for:

  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • IW x 20 (IC)
  • Low Slow Squat x 10 (IC)
  • Peter Parker x 10 (IC)
  • Mtn Climbers x 10 (IC)
  • Upward/Downward Dog Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • DONE!

Mosey over to YHC’s car where the typical coupons/Cinder Blocks were ready to roll. Partner up, grab 1 Block per team, and regroup in the lot.  As a team:

  • P1 (150) Curls / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press / P2 runs half lap
  • P1 (150) Bench Press / P2 runs half lap


Return blocks to the car, mosey around the back of the school, past the buses (be careful!), and to the small playground. The Pax noticed the strange lights on the track, so a quick explanation of why. The track is not only pitch black, but there was a lot of standing water on the track and grass. (4) strategically-placed lanterns helped navigate the course and keep us safe.

The “Whiteboard of Pain” was properly lit up under the covered picnic area with various exercises written. The goal was a repeating ladder, starting at #1, running a lap, repeat #1 and add #2, run a lap, repeat #1, #2, and add #3…you get the point:

  1. Derkins x 10
  2. LBC’s x 10
  3. Step-ups x 10
  4. Flutter (2 =1) x 10
  5. Dips x 10
  6. Heels to Heaven x 10
  7. Jump Tucks x 10
  8. Big Boy Sit-ups x 10
  9. Peter Parker (2 = 1) x 10
  10. Burpees x 10

YHC’s 5-minute warning went off so none of us completed the entire circuit, although Fire Hazard completed Round #8 easily. Most guys got through at least #6. Nice work, fellas.

Mosey back to COT to end this thing. Quick round robin Mary for the last minute or so. DONE!


Thanks, again, to Happy Meal for putting me on the Arsenal schedule to Q.  Great group of guys who post there, and it reminds me that we can all do a better job in posting and leading outside of our own Region / sub-Region. Great work by all who posted, and I hope the prep work done by bringing the Lanterns, Whiteboard, and Coupons shows how serious I take the responsibility of leading my brothers. We all owe it to the Pax to lead with Excellence.  That means prepping a solid Weinke, making sure the site and Pax are safe, showing Command/Confidence while leading, counting correctly, Executing on the Plan, looking out for the Six, taking us out in Prayer at COT (“Cradle-to-Grave”), etc.  Soap Box over!  “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!”.

Special shout-out to Run Flat for not only leaving the Waxhaw bubble, but for inviting an FNG from work, Weatherman (R).  Weatherman’s 57th Birthday was the same day, so I’m sure he got a “special gift” of some soreness the day after. Keep showing up, brother.

As we all know, the hard work during the 1st F is important, but it’s the connections to other men outside of workouts that matters even more. I was happy to post with my brother, Boucher, today since it had been a while. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN we will go through challenges as men, husbands, fathers, leaders so we need to have the backs of our brothers. Don’t forget to reach out to the Pax you know need support (grab coffee, lunch, a beer?) since it’s hard to think about working out when you’re going through a lot.

I look forward to posting and Q’ing again out at The Arsenal soon, and having The Fort Pax join us any time in Waxhaw. Iron Sharpens Iron!


  • Sandbox opportunity this Saturday, 2/29/20 from 10am-12pm. Soft Pretzel leading so reach out to him on Slack if interested.
  • The Arsenal needs Q’s in March. Please offer to lead there!
  • Welcome to our FNG, “Weatherman” (R), who works with Run Flat in Operations at Continental Tire.  He’s good at “Forecasting” so….Weatherman it is! (just hope he’s better at forecasting than Meteorologists)

YHC took us out in prayer.


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