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Keep it moving Monday

Mid 40’s, clear skies.  Couldn’t ask for a better start to March and 15 PAX apparently agreed.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Time to move as the goal was to keep moving today and log some miles.

Mosey down the front road to the side high school lot.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Mosey up to the light to cross Cuthbertson.  Random bus exiting at the same time.  Safe, orderly crossing of Cuthbertson Rd.

Time for the Burpee Mile.  Mosey down Waynewood to the intersection with Dobson

  • Run the Waynewood/Dobson loop but enter all 4 cul-de-sacs while running the loop
    • Squats x 5 when you enter
    • Merkin Shredders x 5 at the end of the cul-de-sac
    • Big Bois x 5 when you exit the cul-de-sac
    • Finish the 5th set sequentially when you complete the loop
    • The goal was to run hard between the cul-de-sacs and get that pace down
    • Complete the loop and run back for the six
    • Ends up being a 1.9 mile loop with the cul-de-sacs

Mosey to the pool parking lot on Dobson

  • Mike Tysons x 10
  • Run the ¼ mile to the other entrance on Cuthbertson
  • Bobby Hurleys x 10
  • Rinse and Repeat for a total of 3 sets
  • Pick up the six

Mosey back to the Waynewood and Dobson intersection

  • Run up Waynewood to the Cuthbertson entrance
  • Mountain climbers x 10 (2 is 1) at every other light pole
  • Pick up the six

Safely cross Cuthbertson (this time)

  • We had just enough time to take a longer route back to start
  • Since today is all about moving and getting in the miles, long mosey past the high school, bus lot, and up the path by Rudy’s shed.



I love Champion Forrest for Ignition.  Usually low traffic (although today seemed a bit higher than normal), is uphill both ways, and is easy to gauge distance due to it’s symmetrical layout.

Perfect day to log some miles which was great for Foundation and Smithers because they have been slacking in that department lately.  Great job both of you.  Not sure I would have posted at Ignition if I had run a half marathon 48 hours earlier.

Goodfella, Bottlecap, Glider, Legal Zoom, and Carb Load looking strong out there and in the front pushing all morning.

Mad Dog peaced out after the Waynewood/Dobson loop but since he made it all the way through Champion Forest, we’ll still give him credit for the post.

Dasher, Recalculating, Zinfandel, Deflated, and Rubbermaid were all killing it out there today as well.

Easy Button was hanging out mid pack but it’s cool.  We know how you roll show up when it’s time to race.

3/5ths of the Waxhaw Express team made it out to post today.  Hollywood has an excuse being at Great Wolf Lodge.  But Deadwood?  Texted me mid workout that he overslept.  At least that didn’t happen last Saturday as I would not have wanted to run the Rooster as a 4-man team.

Seriously, great job everyone.  No way this group could have collectively logged that many miles with those same exercises within an hour a year ago.  Just wouldn’t have happened.  As a region we are continually pushing ourselves and getting stronger.  Well done.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.


  • March is single Q month. This is a great opportunity to step up and Q your first workout or to Q if it’s been a while.  Talk to Bottlecap specifically about picking up a Thursday Night Clyent Dinner Q.
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