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Welcome to the Show – Its all about dem Legs!

The Warm Up

DICCS given, a little chit chat. a little failed Q-Jacking (No names will be called out), Time…..Let’s Mosey.  We head around the parking lot to back of building.  We are come to a stop at Mt. Chiseled to show PAX where Mt Chiseled is located.  Well, they thought we were stopping there for me to show Mt Chiseled, and I did, but Deadwood was right…I was running a little low on gas, but that is what happens when you only post 1 or 2 times a month. (note to self, work out more so Deadwood don’t call you out).  Then proceeded for a short little mosey back to center stage where all the action will be taking place and the bills will start flying, where we performed the following warm up exercises.


-Imperial Walkers



-Calf Stretch Right (Aka..the Dana Stretch)

-Calf Stretch Left (Aka..the Dana Stretch)

Head over to Center stage to go over the morning performances


The Thang

Station 1 – Tire Flip

Station 2 – Bent over rows with cinder blocks

Station 3 – Shoulder press with cinder blocks

Station 4 – Slam ball

Station 5 – Goblet Squat

Station 6 – Gift Bag Squat – If you don’t know what this is, then maybe next time you will show up.

Station 7 – Hair Burners (everyone’s favorite)

Station 8 – Stairway to Heaven – This may or may not have involved the company ladder

Station 9 – Funky squats with a press

Station 10 – Curls

Station 11 – Manmakers

Station 12 – Triceps Extensions


Let me preface by saying, as this was my VQ, this BB may not be the best reading materiel for the Porcelain office chair, but hey, it was my VQ so back off, and know there will be more, just not in the month of March.

If I am truly honest, I was very nervous last night.  So bad, I did not go to sleep until 1am or so.  Then my youngest decided to wake up around 2am, and then again around 330am.  I went back to bed and my alarms went off at 415am &430am…Well, I woke up at 450am.  I run out of the house, and thinking I would be the only one onsite…Nope!  Several pax decided to do a prerun and beat me onsite. Good for you guys and WELL DONE SIRS, but Nails did mention to me “If I knew we were going to run this much, I wouldn’t have done a prerun”.  Sorry about that, my question to you is Will you return for another Showgirl Dance Off?

I have not made many workouts of the past year, but today made it incredible.  Thank you all for showing up and showing out.  The effort everyone put in was by far 120%.  It seemed like a good workout as I heard a lot of groaning, moaning, and hands on the knees.  I am truly honored to be a part of the organization and the Region


Mic Drop – Showgirl Out!



This was mentioned but I wanted to mention it as I am the Q and I have the right….so Mark This Moment – Father/Daughter dance Ballantyne Hotel – Friday, March 6

Shop Dawg is starting up a new Q Source on Friday, May 1.  – See Shop Dawg

It’s Speed for Need season. -See Deadwood or Zinfandel

Prayers for Chicken Little, as he had someone close to him pass.

Circled up, and I took us out



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