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We Have a New Champ!

The 2020 Weight Loss Competition has ended and we have a new champ – with a 13.7% weight loss and 34.8 lbs since the start, we congratulate….. Smithers!  Now, lets look at the field and see how the rest of the field panned out.

Top 3 Individuals who are in the money:

  • Smithers – down 34.8 lbs (13.7%) Wins the prize money and title of Biggest Loser of Waxhaw.
  • Foundation – down 26.2 lbs (10.7%), Took a run at the crown, but fell few lbs. short.
  • Nails – down 25.9 lbs (10.4%), with plant based diet and puffy jacket worn while training in Haiti finished in Top 3 and won some extra gas money.

Just short of the money:

  • Doughboy – down 25.4 lbs (8.9%) Came out the gate hotter then an Ice9 Q with 1,000 calorie/day diet.  Ran into a little traffic bourbon towards end but still down an impressive 25 lbs.
  • Deflated – down 18.4 lbs (8.9%) one of the lighter competitors to start the competition still managed to shed almost 20 lbs of clothing before end of March, which may be a greater accomplishment then losing the actual weight.
  • Banjo – down 20 lbs (8.3%), made it through Dryuary, but couldnt keep the keto burn going like a couch in WV
  • Deadwood – down 17.4 lbs* (8.1%) started off pre Floater down only 10 lbs, but by end finished down 17.4 lbs.  Weight bounced up and down more then the stock market of late
  • Blades of Glory – down 22.2 lbs (8.0%) as of last weigh in, and is currently on Mission in Guatemala.  Could have been a true contender for crown, but still hell of a job hitting -20 lbs in competition
  • Deep Dish – down 13.0 lbs (6.2%),even while on IR consistent poster of scale pics and consistent weight loss.  Could have finished in money if it were not for naggin injuries

Rest of Field

  • Boitano – down 14.2lbs (6.2%), Looked to have taken to walking the course vs. using the golf cart at Bushwood, unfortunately was not able to avoid beer cart and cash in on this competition
  • Zin – down 10.8 lbs (5.0%), weight loss competition did not drag on long  enough to have his big reveal of new abs recently found under the vest.
  • Rudy – down 11.0 lbs (4.7%), Coach finally put Rudy in at the 4th Qtr, but just a little too late to cash in this go round.
  • Damascus – down 8.4 lbs (3.5%), after too many questions asked on how to access the app, reverted to only 2 recorded weights.  Will be sure to right up full SOP for next years event for you.
  • Recalculating – down 7.0 lbs (3.4%), Ice bath and cryotherapy looked to have put a freeze on his weight loss for 2nd half of competition
  • Wedding Singer – down 7.8 lbs (3.4%), Puff, Puff, Pass on weight loss during final 3 weeks.  Life is good in Denver
  • Jingles – down 7.6 lbs (2.9%), not only a lurker on GroupMe but a lurker on competition with no weigh ins since initial weight.  Look forward to him recommencing workouts with pax soon.
  • On Time down 4.6 lbs (1.9%) – little bit of baby blues, but look to having you out soon again
  • Fuse Box – down 4.2 lbs (1.7%), the Don of Briarcrest expense report must have been maxed out as never given shot to take shot at crown due to travel
  • Brutus – down 2 lbs (0.9%), may have recently began new streak of attending workouts, but was unable to log any additional weights in app.  Lets see if he will last longer then Brady Hoke’s coaching career at U of Michigan

Team Standings:

  1. Team Chocolate Cookie (Deadwood/Foundation/Smithers) – 32.6%  – Winners!!!
  2. Team Ice Capades (Deflated/Blades Glory/Boitano) – 23.1%
  3. Team Hunger Games(Recalc/Doughboy/Banjo) – 20.6%
  4. Team Delirium Tremens (Zin/Nails/Rudy) – 20.1%
  5. Team Rex Ryan Love Bunions (Deep Dish/Jingles/Damascus) – 12.6%
  6. Team Traveling Circus (Brutus/Fuse/Wedding Singer) – 5.9%

Payouts will be distributed to the Top 3 and Team winners in upcoming days.  Great job to everyone and impressive amount of weight shed.  Now challenge comes to continue to keep weight off.  Good luck and keep it going.

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