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The Beast (6,6,6,6,6,6)

10 Pax came out to Homecoming for a good Saturday morning beatdown.  DICCS was given and off we went for a nice long mosey.


The usual stuff….a little of this a little of that:

  • Side Straddles
  • Calf stretch
  • Merkins
  • Imperial Walkers

And away we went for a bit more moseying…….

The Thang:

The Beast.  Okay first the whining about the fact we were going to be in the grass started before our first mosey.  In an effort to keep everyone’s panties from wadding too much I chose to modify the exercises and kept us off the ground.

Here’s the Beast:

Six repetitions of six separate exercises performed at the 25, 50 and 25 yard line.  Exercises are done on the way down the field and on the way back.  So, in effect exercises are performed 6 times each and we performed six different exercises.

  1. Merkins x10
  2. Burpees x5
  3. Lunges x10 (each leg)
  4. Imperial Squakers x10
  5. Diamond Merkins x10
  6. Peter Parkers x10

Rally at the road for some Mary while the six finishes.  Off for the next mosey to the brick pile.

  1. Overhead brick press x20
  2. Brick curls x20
  3. Tricep extensions x20

Return bricks and off to the trails for a little trip down memory lane.  Mosey around the front of the high school…around the back…back up the trail from whence we came and back up and around to our starting point.  We covered a bit over 3.5 miles by most measures.


  • Something about Christ’s closet
  • And I feel like there was something else…..

I failed in my Q duties to keep recording through the announcements….maybe one of the Pax can add detail.



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