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Flash Backblast

Chicken Little pulled a fast one on me and asked me a month ago to Q today knowing damn well it was the first workout after day-light savings.  Well played Chicken, well played.  Handed the DICCS out and off we went.

Mosey around to the front of the middle school for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

15 Merkins

20 x Mountain Climbers

Calf stretches

The Thang

Head over the path near COT that leads to Transporter shed/Rudy poop palace.  Alternating exercises at each light.  20 speed skaters at the first light, 5 burpees at the second light.  Rinse and repeat all the way to the end of the path

Grab some wall for Mike Tysons.  Complete 7 MT’s on the wall and run back up the path towards COT stopping at the first light for 5 burpees.  Return back to wall for 7 MT’s, head up to the 2nd light for 5 burpees and back to the wall for 7 Mt’s.  run back up to the 3rd light for 5 burpees and finish at the wall with 7 MT’s.

Mosey to the middle school cafeteria area.  We started at the shelter area at the side of the school near the buses to do one exercise and then ran over to the cafeteria for another set of exercises.  Repeated until all 4 sets of exercises were complete.  I’m not up to speed on the lexicon so I don’t even know what exercise we started with, but I can tell you it sucked.  Here’s what we did at the cafeteria area

Round 1: 40 dips

Round 2: 30 step ups

Round 3: 20 irkins

Round 4: 10 derkins

Mosey over to front of middle school and partner up.  Partner 1 run half lap around the parking lot.  Partner 2 start exercise.  Complete 200 dips, 100 step ups, 50 derkins.

After this there are only 3 minutes left.  Deadwood whispers to me that we should do 1-minute burpees.  Good idea Deadwood.  1 minute of burpees x 2.  Done! Head to COT

The Moleskin

Thanks to a great group of guys who joined me way too early this morning to run around the school grounds.  I hope I made it worth your while to wake up that early. We had two announcements this morning where two members of our community were taken way too soon.  It makes you stop and think just how fragile life is.  So be sure to spend some extra time with your family this week.  Love them and kiss them because you never know what tomorrow will bring.


  • Christ closet 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.
  • March 21 at Blakeney – Speed for need.  Need runners – see Zinfandel for details
  • Gladiator work out – Saturday at 6:30am @ Cuthbertson
  • Pray for Wise family who lost their husband/father.
  • Pray for Wright family who lost their son.
  • It was determined that 5 announcements are all Frack can handle before shaking.
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