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A Skin Tight Skeleton Bodysuit to Run After or To Run Away From???!??!!

And for my 41st Q, I realized I haven’t Q’d in over a month. Were my costumes in November too much? Could I have finally worn out my welcome? Only 5 Qs in 74 days but my mind was running in circles with too many ideas. Struggling with not repeating someone else’s ideas. Oh the humanity….

A little surprise, my daughter’s 2nd birthday was canceled to this corona virus. It was Coco themed so day of the dead costume would go to waste, or not!

I showed up in a skin tight body suit leaving literally nothing to the imagination. You are welcome. You would either run faster trying to get away from me or trying to keep up to sneak a peak.

DiCCS given. Form counts. Don’t cheat yourself. Let’s roll.


Nice mosey as we begin to warm everything up. Lots of random exercises to be called as we get the blood flowing. Yelled at the chatty Kathy’s in the back to zip it and get their asses moving.

Over to Rudy’s Poop Palace for some “rounds”. First round is 40s, then 30s, then 20s and lastly 10s. 4 laps total. Start with 40 Donkey Kicks at the Poo Barn. Run up the sidewalk and before making the hard left towards the school knock out 40 Speedskaters’s. Run to the back of the school for 40 Dips. Run down the hill back to the Shit Shack. Rinse and repeat subtracting by 10 per round. Killer open and took a little longer than I hoped.

I love/hate bear crawls. When combined with the 10 and 40 exercise of bear crawls and Carolina dry docks I come alive. Well I’ve conquered that so now it’s time for something even worse. Bear crawls and Mike Tyson’s. Dedicating this round to my man Chicken Little. Just brutal though.

Partner up with who I tell you. This is my house. Split exercises. Runner is the timer. Run the full lot and back. Switch exercises after completing one round.

• Jump over Burpee

• Tricep

• Thrusters

• Curls

• Kettle Bell Swing

Jog to circles. Jail break to the other circle. V-ups and hip dips IC. Mosey up. Jail break down passed tennis courts. Penis’ to Heaven and then Heels to Heaven thrown in. Mosey to the poop palace. Checking for time. Jail break to first break inside walk. Pistol LBCs. Mosey to next break in sidewalk. American hammers. Jailbreak to COT. 5 x burpees on your own.

I got 4.5mi and I’m sure a few broke 5mi. Well done everyone.


The opener was a smoker and everyone was really putting in the work pushing the pace. Just short of two miles by the time you complete those four laps and the uphill portion is an ass kicker.

Bear crawl and Tyson’s is just mean. We got through it but called at least 3 x 5-10 second breaks. If you got through all of it awesome! I missed one MT in the last set of 10 so I’ve got more work to do but man, I was so close.

Cinderblocks was just to push the muscles and closing with jailbreaks was to burn off any remaining fuel in the tanks. I think we did it.

We have another level of camaraderie that comes along with posting at certain sites. Morning Wood has it, Ignition/Swarm yup and then Gladiator. When you see people pushing themselves as hard as they can you can’t help but push harder. I might not ever catch the guys in front of me but damn it I’m trying!

No single name callouts today, not necessary when you are all just flooring it. Find others to pull into Gladiator next month, I’ve officially passed the torch to Dasher for April.


See Recalc’s post about gathering things for those that will need it if schools end up being closed.

Speed for Need and Spartan races are canceled

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