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Audible Called – No Spectators in the Stands…

Man what a fantastic week for running around in the dark with a bunch of idiots! This was my first go at Swarm. Not attending but dishing out the pain and for some reason it feels different than Ignition? Probably that extra Friday vibe. Anyway I wanted to make sure we didn’t end up running tiny laps around the Cuthbertson parking lot to hit our mileage and time like last time so made sure we had the proper ingredients to run 10 miles if needed… Showed up just after my marketing manager Hooch and asked him if I was going to half to fork over a referral fee for all these free refi’s. A couple more minutes and we were a half dozen so DICCCS were given. Still throwing in that extra “C” until we get this global disruption extinguished. 

Moseyed toward the front of campus and cruised down passed the high school all the way to the stadium then a quick U’y to circle up in the middle of the lot. 


No, we did not start with SSHs… Nor did we do any for that matter. 

Squats x 15

Plank it up – hold for a few
RT leg to RT hand, RT elbow to ground ( great way to see how tight your hips are…) RT hand up
Switch and do L 

Damascus special – R/L
Hold plank for instruction


Thought we’d start with a fast paced progressive burpee X 
Start with 1 burpee in the middle then each corner:
20 flutters
20 Ice skaters err skater lunges errr… Yes, thank you Bottlecap, they’re speed skaters
20 A Hams
20 Mtn Climbers
After each corner back to the middle up to 10 burpees

Headlamps on and mosey toward the track. 
Now time for my evil plan…. Mileage around the track with partners. 
P1 runs a lap
P2 does 10 walking lunge, 10 spider merkins, 10 walking IWs, 10 broad jumps

So turns out the fence is now complete and quite secured all the way around the stadium. Trust me we even tried to sneak in under the bleachers and they have thought of everything. Took me back to the days when I tried to wear Korn t-shirts to be cool and do stupid things at Piedmont high school… So, time for an audible. Before we could relocate we had to get the hell out there so I went into Macgyver mode and jumped over one of the columns by using a metal folding chair near the rear access gate. The rest of the crew helped each other over like a Spartan obstacle course. Now on to Plan B. 

Fast pace mosey back around to the trails to hook up with Lawson and all the way up past my place by the pool house. 

Used a half mile section that had two hills and four corners to utilize my track recipe I had planned. We got our monies worth and tripped the 4+ mile mark heading back to COT.


Today was just another reminder that you can plan as much as you want but things can happen at the last second and you just have to adjust accordingly and roll with it. Thing is, if you plan well you can make those adjustments and still be productive and overcome any obstacle. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Go ahead and save that little nugget for later. We had a great compact group this morning meaning we all stuck together and worked together as a unit. Bottlecap reminded me that instruction is sometimes hard at 5:15 in the morning… Easy Button was Mr. consistent as usual. Rockwell has an incredible range when it comes to lunges and broad jumps; Just sayin. I don’t think I ever saw Rubbermaid and Hooch stop moving the entire time except to find a good hand and foot hold to escape the now Alcatraz like stadium at Cuthbertson High.

Oh and one last thing. Apparently since I’ve been posting consistently again AND more high mileage AO’s I guess my calves are really starting to slim and shape up because Bottlecap couldn’t help but notice on the mosey back to COT. Thank you sir. Looks like I’ll be ready for bikini season after all. Or at least my calves will be… 


You should know them all by now since you’ve had a chance to read the other two… 

Glidah out 

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