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March Sadness

There are few regions that are setting the example of how to Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right & Leave Right better than the men of F3 Waxhaw.  That’s why I was honored to be asked to Q Homecoming (more on that later).  YHC did a little recon work at the campus, was given some advice from Posse on how to handle the Corona-COT and set out to put together a weinke that would make the Pax hate me for putting them through it, but would also make them want me to come back again for a future Q.  I’ll leave that up to the 5 who weren’t either self-quarantined, at Commitment or at Gladiator to decide.  Here’s how it went down.


The Roving COP

Mosey from cars to top of carpool circle – SSH X 20

Mosey to top of hill – IW X 20

Mosey back to bottom of hill – Low Slow Squats X 20

Mosey back to carpool dropoff lane – Arm Circles X 10 each direction

The Thang

Partner up for CMIYC – no touching!  P1 runs the carpool circle.  P2 performs called exercise until P1 catches them

  • Rd 1 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk
  • Rd 2 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk right side
  • Rd 3 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk left side
  • Rd 4 – 10 Merkins & reverse lunge walk back to start

Mosey to band tower.  P1 runs stairs X 3.  P2 performs called exercise until P1 completes 3 climb

  • Rd 1 – LBC
  • Rd 2 – Flutter
  • Rd 3 – Elbow plank


Mosey to Monkey Bars.  All exercises OYO X 3 rounds

  • 10 Bonnie Blairs
  • 5 Pull Ups


Mosey to elementary school playground

  • Burpee broad jumps across basketball court X 3

Grab a lifting rock from rock pile at the fence

  • O/H press X 20
  • Tricep Extension X 20
  • Curls X 20

Mosey to swings

  • Plank with feet in swings.  Knees to chest X 10
  • Derkins with feet in swings X 10


Mosey to basketball court for March Madness Sadness

Shoot free throws – every make removes 10 reps from the called exercise (except burpees.  1 make removes 1 burpee)

10 Merkins X Pax = 50 Merkins at stake.  Had to perform 40.  SMH

10 WWII sit-ups X Pax = 50 WWII sit-ups.  Had to perform 40.  SMH

10 Burpees.  Had to perform 9.  SMH


Mosey back to Middle School carpool lane but stop at rock pile by “mobile classrooms” for 20 more O/H press.

  • Mosey to cars for Mary
  • Freddie Mercury X 20
  • Dolly X 20
  • Flutter X 15
  • American Hammer X 10



I mentioned earlier that I was honored to be asked to Q a workout in Waxhaw, but Posse let it slip that they were running out of people for the 70 Day Q Challenge and were scraping the bottom of the barrel….

It was good to see Blue Screen back in the Gloom.  #Kotters  Dude can almost shoot a decent free throw

I had the opportunity to meet Southern Tip this morning for the first time.  He’s killing it like a veteran.  He was out front for  every mosey but didn’t set any records from the free throw line

Frack came in hot at 5:30 but made up for being “late” with his effort this morning.  Don’t be surprised if you see him practicing his free throws.  Just sayin’

Posse did a solo pre-run to get warmed up and killed it during the workout.  Dude always puts forth a solid effort but I don’t think his 2.0 has to worry about his dad beating him in P-I-G or any other basketball game any time soon.

YHC is sorely disappointed that all of the Spring sporting events have been Covid-cancelled (#MarchSadness), so YHC decided to build in a little fun this AM and everyone discovered how humbling and hard it is to shoot a free throw with 1) a flat basketball and 2) with wobbly arms fresh off of dozens of reps of pull ups, merkins, O/H presses, curls & tricep extensions.  It’s a good thing the Pax at homecoming are so good at boot camping because b-ball is definitely not their strong suit.  I think we made 4/20.

During Name-O-Rama, YHC was called out for starting with a fist bump. #Cobains  It’s hard to break old habits because even though I was called out, Posse still gave me the knuckles.  #Cobains.  The rest of the COT was done with proper social distancing and we finished up kneeling during our closing prayer.  Thanks to Blue Screen for the take out.

I was worried about living up to the standard the Waxhaw region has set for its workouts and tried to create a fun & challenging beatdown.  I was happy to hear that I built in some coupons & areas that had not yet been discovered.  Weddington Middle is a great AO.  I hope everyone got their money’s worth because it was truly an honor to be asked to lead this morning.  Already looking forward to the next time.



  • Converged Coffeeteria with Gladiator & Commitment immediately after Homecoming
  • Looking for fresh faces to Q Sparta (in Matthews) on Thursday mornings at 05:15
  • Southern Tip has his VQ at Homecoming next week
  • Blue Screen will pick up one of the remaining 5 open Q slots at Clyent Dinner  🙂
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