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A Backblast For F’s Sake

As most know, workouts are closed.  Daily workouts are being published and groups of under 10 are getting together (mostly neighborhoods) at yelling distance to still get what little bit of second F we can get in.  It felt good to be standing on a curb and greeted by cars arriving this morning.  While it had only been Monday since my last official F3 post to a workout, in this environment, Monday felt like forever ago.

The Chicken and Schnieder (who arrived together) stayed in their car a minute too long for my taste – comparing winkies perhaps (the joke never gets old).  Chicken pops out with a paper being the smartest of the group and realizing there is no way in hell any of us could remember 12 exercises without it written down.  Since he came prepared, and already scoped out a half mile loop, looks like he is in charge.  Ricky Bobby pulls up right before time to launch.  Looks like it will be just us four.  Quick warm up lap and exercises and then we get after it under the direction of Chicken Man.

7 minutes into the workout here comes Deadwood.  5 it is.

I wont bore you with the workout.  Honestly it was tough and got me sweating hard, but I can sweat by myself.  Call me one of the rare ones that enjoys F3 the most for the second and third F.

The reason I felt moved to write this BB wasn’t for the first F, (though I did want to be counted) it was due to Chicken Little opening up in COT about his absence the last 3 weeks.  While its not my story to share, I do want to share what I walked away this morning thinking.  Don lost his best friend recently at the hands of Alcohol.  A HIM in the truest definition.  FBI, counter terrorism, sounded like a real bad ass.  But an on the job injury derailed him.  In today’s climate of opioid addiction, he decided to skip the pills for pain and found refuge in a bottle.  And thus started the tail spin.  He hid the pain, the drinking, the feelings away from friends and family.  The dreaded sad clown crept up on him.  The thing that scared me most about the story this morning was how well his life was going, and then boom; its off the rails.

Don went above and beyond for his best friend.  Again, its not my story to share, but as I heard what Don has been doing these last three weeks I couldn’t help but to think what a great man he is.  His friend was lucky to have him.  I pray I never need another man to look out for me in the way Don did with his friend, but if I do – I hope they react the way Don did.  You’re a really good dude Chicken.

We’ve talked a lot in Q Source the past few weeks about getting right.  Getting your boat heading in the right direction.  Getting your guard rails built.  Shield locking with other men.  You never know what is coming for you; what could derail you and send you into a tail spin.  A job loss, car wreck, unexpected health issue, you name it.  Will you be ready?  Do you have a support system in place to weather the storm, will you open up to those around you that you need help, or will it be your knock out blow?

What I truly love about F3 isn’t the workouts.  Its the second and third F that act as the guard rails.  The guys around me that keep me straight on life’s path.

Keep hunkering down out there boys.  We will get through this virus.  Until then, keep your heads down and keep plowing forward.

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