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Safe Distance Lawson Club

With the F3 sanctioned sites closed down a few brave souls decided to workout of in a reasonably safe proximity join together for a workout. The plan was simple, meet up at 6 AM noon at the Lawson Mill House. Everyone keep your distance, follow the SDLC as illustrated below:



Not a lot to tell beyond this, the ground was wet so Smithers begged to get on it so the running would be awkward  we did the following exercises in between precisely measured 1/4 mile sections so as to keep to boot camp workout rules   sections of running:

  • Lunge walks
  • Merkins
  • Dry Docks
  • Squats
  • Bobby Hurleys

How many you ask? Well this is unsanctioned territory so we don’t do DCCS and we don’t do COUNTIN’. It was do them until I ran away from the group.

During our last stretch, 3 of the 4 of us completely broke the rules. Went racing into an old man’s home to save his life  change his smoke detector battery because the lady next door was afraid he was a gonner getting annoyed by the sound. They probably subjected this poor shut in to community spread and  Then we were on our way.

Once again this is Marshall Law territory, no high fives, foot taps, prayers, or passing glances as we finished. Amazon yard sticks are on order for proper distance measurements next time

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