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Lawson at a Distance

6 PAX started at Poop Island to jog over to the Mill

Upon arrival there were way more than 10 PAX so break up into 2 groups (more running vs less running) and we’re off

The Thang

Mosey to BC’s house and do some warmups in the driveway.

Mosey to top of Deer Meadow (BC loves this hill):


Run down – burpee

Run up – do some exercise at top

Mosey to bottom of Oxford to the island

Total of 6 laps around the island in 2 groups. While first group runs second group does exercises:

first 3 laps: 10 merkins – 10 plank jacks

last 3 laps: 10 something – 10 something else

Mosey down the path (watch out for the tree) to the rocks and grab one.

30 curls – 30 overhead press

then 20 each

then 10

Mosey back to COT


These are weird times stay safe

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