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Nothing like starting Friday with a nice easy Swarm-ish type, hour-long, BC led workout…


Mosey down Oxford to the empty lot and plank in the bugs circle up




Dry dock (I think I got some of these right)

The Thang

Mosey to bottom of Oxford to island:

30 Mike Tysons

Run 3 laps around island

20 Tysons

2 laps



Mosey to Deer Meadow hill

Top of hill – 5 one-legged burpees
Bottom of hill – 5 one-legged burpees other leg
Then 4, 3, 2, 1

Mosey to bottom of Ringtail by island:

30 Carolina Dry Docks
3 laps around island
20 DD
2 laps

Mosey back to top of Ringtail where we lost Sledge. Mosey back down to look and do 30 Bomb Jacks. No sign, let’s keep going. Back to the top for 20, then bottom for 10 and back up.

Mosey back toward the Mill and stop at top of hill by the tennis courts

Bottom of hill – 10 Bomb Jacks
Run backwards up hill then back down – 9 bomb jacks
Repeat until 1


BC dragged us through the gauntlet on this one. Multiple people mentioned he has gone from friend to foe. In between segments the gazelles would have the clydesdales start while they did some mary and then they’d catch them. Apparently I am now considered a gazelle so when offered a head start I obviously took it to which Dasher stopped me and made me come back to wait. I hate love how we all push each other to get better and don’t let anyone catch their breathe give into the easy route.

I did like our new exercise “Have a Nice Day” which consisted of laying on the ground and just listening to the sounds (mostly birds). BC made a great point: take some time to yourself during this time, lay out on a beach or grass (or the mill parking lot was nice) and try to find some peace. There is very little traffic and noise pollution so just take a deep breath six or more feet away and listen and relax.

I think the toughest thing about this quarantine is having to stay away from people. It is hard to be divided in a time when you would turn to others for comfort. We have done a great job keeping communication open and helping where we can but let’s keep up that attitude and continue to help others who need.


Recalc’s company is driving a lot of the mapping and information of the virus with the WHO – let him know if you have questions and he will critique your form ask at work and get back to us.

Be safe!

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