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Ron Jeremy


Mosey to the bottom of Nightingale and circle up
20 SSH
15 Imp Walkers
Calf Stretch hold
5 Diam Merkin
5 Reg Merkin
5 Wide Merkin hold
20 Mount Climb

The Thang

Mosey to the top of the first street. Will be going from top of the street to bottom of cul-de-sac do exercise and rinse and repeat for each street/cul-de-sac:

1st Street – 10 Merkins

2nd street – 10 Bobby Hurleyth

3rd street – 5 Burpees

End at top of the street for Ab Web:

1 Big Boi + 4 Flutter

Up to 10 BB + 40 Flutter

Halfway through, Dasher let me know that my counting was starting to get a bit … passionate sounding.  Then mentioned something about my mustache making me look like some Ron Jeremy fella? Must be a stud.

1st Street – 10 Dry Docks

2nd street – 10 Speed Skater (2 is 1)

3rd street – 5 Burpees

A little time left back to hill at the bottom of Nightingale.

Mosey down – 10 squats

Pick a partner, sprint up hill, try and beat them

Rinse and Repeat twice

Mosey the long way back to COT


Seeing a lot of the same faces which is awesome. People continuing to put in work and everyone following the guidelines to stay safe. Would love to see some new faces but also understand we need to stay as safe as possible.


Lawson group sticking with the 6am at the mill but may do a day at Quellin, school, and/or other side of Lawson

2nd week – Stay home and stay safe!

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