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The 10ft Minimum Socially Distanced Pasta Party

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up
1/2 mile mosey
10 x SSH IC
10 x Imperial Walkers IC
10 x Plank Jacks IC
10 x Mountain Climbers IC
Calf Stretch
10 x Merkins
Upward dog hold 10 count
Downward dog hold 10 count

Pasta Party
10 x shoulder taps (2 taps is 1) & then 10 x Merkins
Flip over in reverse plank and hold for 10 count, stay in reverse plank and do:
10 x knee ups & then 10 x straight leg raises (10 each leg)
Rinse and repeat – 3 sets total

Burpee Mile – Start with 10 burpees, run 1/4 mile, 10 burpees then 1/4mi, etc until 1 mile and 50 burpees completed.

Captain Therkin – Big Boy Situps x 1 : American Hammer x 4. Increase by 1/4 each set up to 10/40 with 5 merkins between each set.

Run 1/2 mile

Shoulder Web – Mike Tyson x 1 : Donkey Kick x 4 (without wall). Increase 1/4 each set, up to 10/40.

– got to 4/16 then ran 2 sets of 100 yard sprints with mosey back

– picked back up at 5/20 and did 6/24 then ran 1 set of 100 yard sprint with mosey back

– picked back up at 7/28 then ran 1 set of 100 yard sprint with mosey back



Great workout, thought we were going to have a flyby by someone but they got about 50 yards from our Captain Therkins in the street and pulled a hard U-turn.

With the 18ft wide streets of the Crest social distancing was observed at all times.

Great work and ready for some TO GO dinner later!

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