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A VQ during Quarantine?

I haven’t been posting back blasts for my daily solo workouts in order to stay near the top of a fictitious post count challenge (cough cough Gerber), but felt like a VQ needed a back blast.  Wild Thing has been off and on F3 for almost 2 years.  His last stint saw him going hot and heavy for two weeks before a slight torn calf muscle (initially believed to be a blown Achilles) at Commitment sidelined him (I was Qing that day, whoops!).  He’s a guy that likes the comradere and workout style that F3 brings but hates the form policing and negativity.  Which generally leads him back to working out at the YMCA having been burned out of F3 a couple times.

He reached out over the weekend about getting together for a workout.  We met on Sunday for what I called mailbox hell.  It ended up being close to 3.5 miles (would have been 2 miles in Lawson) and a burner having used the hill near my house.  We both retreated to running on our own due to conference call conflicts on Monday.  With two big back to back running days (and 4 miles on Saturday from Legalized Nuclear Hell), I was glad to see some weights when I met him at the club house (and Clorox wipes).



Mosey 1/4 mile and return to basketball courts where a speaker was awaiting us.  He asked if I’ve ever done Roxanne.  The look on my face apparently answered the question.  I said “ok, what are we doing on Roxanne and what are we doing on red light”.   His eyes got big.  “Yall do something on red light too?!”  Damn it.  Stop giving him bad ideas……”No, no, no, we don’t”.     Roxanne warm up with Merkins.


1/4 Mile Mosey returning to Basketball Courts.

Weighted Walking Lunge length of the court and back.

Bear Crawl length of court and crawl bear back (he originally called crab walk but Omaha’ed due to a lingering shoulder issue – hey, we have something in common!).

Using 30 lb dumbbell we did 30 curls each arm switching hands only to relieve the lactic acid burn out.

Alternating squat/clean/press for 30 total (15 each arm)

Short mosey to tables for 10 jump ups, 30 step ups, 15 each leg 1 legged step up, 50 dips, 15 derkins, 15 each leg step ups again, and 15 derkins.

1/4 mile mosey to hill near Wild Thing’s house.  3 Mailboxes.  Mailbox 1 = 1 burpee.  Mailbox 2 = 3 burpees.   Mailbox 3 = 5 Burpees.

Mosey back to basketball courts for distance partner work.  P1 runs suicides while P2 does curls up to a total of 200 100 (Used separate dumbbells).

Round 2.  P1 Runs suicides while P2 does presses.  150 total.

50 calf Raises.  15 more 1 legged step ups.  15 more derkins.

Mosey back to basketball courts for ab work to close out remaining 3 minutes.  50 flutters.  20 heels to heaven.  50 LBC’s.



I greatly appreciated the low mileage.  Watch said we did just shy of 2 miles, but still managed a 600 calorie burn (which is about average for me for a 45 min workout).  Doug killed it today for his “VQ”.  Kept us moving, had more planned than we could get to, and gave us a good sweat.

Everyone stay safe out there.  Glad to see small groups forming while still staying at safe distances.  The large groups scare me.  I know they say we can do under 10, but more than 4 feels like we are crossing paths too many times….just my opinion.

I’m hoping Gerber doesn’t leave a cinderblock in my window after that opening sentence (all in good fun).


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