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A Pandemic on the Southside

DICCS given and reminder of social distancing

Warm up

15 – imperial walkers

15- SSH

Plank-elbow plank – clave stretch- 15 merkins

The Thang

The ever so GLORUROUS Southside of the Briars and the Crest have 4 official cul-de sacs we use regularly for our Cornona Virus 2020 workouts. Today was a day to hit every cul-de -sac two times while doing an exercise prescribed  using the word PANDEMIC

P-peter parkers and in and outs ( 20 each)

A– Aiken legs- squats, lunges, bobby hurleys – (20 each)

N- negative merkin

D– dollys, Flutters, and gas pumps ( 20 each)

E– Elevens- 10 merkins, 1 LBC 9 merkins 2 LBCS– rinse repeat and follow flow until 1 merkin and 10 LBCS

M- Monkey Squats ( kids around we changed named from humper)

I– Iron Mike Tysons– 2- mike tysons

C– Carolina dry docks ( 20)



We had a great turnout as usual over here the southside with a few new kid faces that pushed themselves out of bed today top roll with a bunch of old dudes. We have stopped given names to new PAX unless they will be able to attend our regularly scheduled workouts when the resume but it was  a great showing no doubt. Everyone have a great day and have a great Easter weekend and please take the time to remember what this weekend is for– Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter Boys…

One last little note … With all this time at home with family and a few selected friends I must say I have learn one VALUABLE lesson in all this madness that is going on around us. This LESSON was passed onto me by a fellow PAX member aka Schneider. This lesson is so valuable I feel like I had it share this with each one of my brothers. If you decide to go against the grain and do you own workout verse the virtual Q but waffle on putting the backblast as a priority in your day—( Chicken Little will do it).., It is like he freaks out when someone says— they will get around to doing it,  or maybe I can post it later today.. His feathers get all ruffled and he says “FINE I WILL WRITE THE BACKBLAST” and he storms off with his little ole chicken feet and wings a flapping…..

Works like a charm every time.. hahahaha   have a great day boys!!!


FYI chicken little is writing this for Ricky Bobby – damn it !!!

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