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BYOB- Bring your own Bricks

Flash meets Ignition on Ass island…

DICCS given to include —15 burpees if you break or drop your bricks

Warm up-

1/2 mile opening mosey

Circle up
15- Moroccan night clubs
20-air presses/air jabs while in squat position
Plank- raise right hand 10 seconds / plank regular raise left hand 10 seconds / plank regular – repeat Calve Stretch

The Thang
mark-out 3 sections within that .50 mile opening mosey section, so you have 3 points between starting/end (each section.10 of mile)

At start – 10 SSH and 10 Speed skaters

Section 2- 10 man makers- This was modified to 5 after round 1– ugh

Section 3- 10 slide over merkins- 5 right 5 left

Section 4 – 10 Bobby hurleys

End – 10 SSH and 10 Speed skaters

Rinse repeat 4 times OYO…( the ones in the front circle back to help the ones in the back finish)-

Mosey 1/4 mile 1 merkin for 4 air presses and 4 air jabs    get to 5/20/20 ran out of time

Mosey 1/4 mile back to COT for 4 air press’s and 4 air jabsget to 5/20/20 ran out of time

Mosey back to COT for

Squats and 20 air presses and 20 jabs

Squats and 10 air presses and 10 jabs



UGHHHHH this sucked … the end!! If anyone thinks otherwise YOUR A LIAR!!  LOL have  a great day boys


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