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Bulgarian Squats -YIKES

Diccs given and reminder of social distancing- split PAX in two groups due to size

Warm Up ( In honor of Donovans 17th bday ) 

17 – SSH

17- Imperial Walkers

17- Potato Pickers

Calve Stretch

The Thang

In two groups- one boys group ( led by Ricky Bobby) and one girls group ( led by Chicken Little)– Why did the chicken get the girls group?- Prepare the PAX for some stage work

Stage 1 – The Great Wall at Tuscany- 25 dips, 15 Bulgarian squats ( each leg)- 15 derkins using the wall- rinse and repeat

Stage 2- Cul-de Sac down Robbins Meadows- 15 LBCS, 15 Flutters, 15 American hammers, 15 heels to heaven

Stage 3- Cul-de sac down Laurel Hill- 1 dry dock and 4 air presses– continue until you get to 10 dry docks and 40 air presses

Stage 4- Cul- de- sac up Laurel Hill- for the 11 mailboxes on the left alternate between 10 merkins and 1 big boy — decrease merkins by 1 and increase big boys by 1 each mail box until you get to end- ( ugh!!!)

When finish at bottom of Shenandoah drive work you way back up to COT using mailboxes on left hand side and alternate between 10 walking lunges and 10 low slow squats

Finish with 17 burpees in honor of Donovan’s 17th bday


We had a great group today with a lot of youngsters trying to push the older PAX ( HAHAHAHAH) boy these young pups have a lot to learn. We also had another good turnout of ladies that continue to push themselves and push the PAX. Ricky Bobby laid down another great Q an always pushes the PAX with some different exercises– Bulgarian SQUATS SUCK!!!  We actually picked up another person while the workout was going on, that’s a first- not sure we ever ended with more than we started with– This Southside Briars and the Crest is crushing it– kepp up the good work boys and girls.


Great work by Spider Monkey who stepped up when called upon to get out of his comfort zone and take us out!! impressive!!


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