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Another Day Another Race (virtual of course)

Another week and another virtual race.

This week the race is a virtual 10 miler with every person running 2 miles.

Since we did this about three weeks ago it was only fitting to return to Champion Forrest to see if our three weeks of Wednesday speed work had paid any dividends.

Rubbermaid came across us during warm ups and he joined us for our 2 mile segment along the way of his 9 mile or something run.

Hollywood’s alarm clock is still broken and Easy Button has a calf injury so only six of us ran today. The six of us took off at a fast pace. Either we were going to break our times from 3 weeks ago or bust hard.

Here’s how it went down:

– Dasher smashed his previous time by 28 seconds and averaged a 6:18 pace

– Bottlecap came in 12 seconds faster at a blistering 6:07 pace.

– Wolverine came in 10 seconds faster at a smokin 5:54 pace.
– Glider didn’t run three weeks ago but PRed on 2 miles with a fast 6:20 pace.

– Deadwood skipped two weeks of speed work and it showed, just joking, he was still moving at a 6:22 pace with a scorching first mile at 6:03.

– YHC was able to come in 8 seconds faster at a 5:51 pace.

Great job everyone. Way to put in the time during speed work and personally, thanks for the push and holding me accountable.

Looking forward to whatever stupid run we have planned for next week.

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