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Increasing the Heart Rate w/ the Hateful 8

YHC tried the virtual workouts, just couldn’t get into them. Definitely appreciate that it was an option and a responsible way for workouts to continue functioning. Today was a breath of fresh air and the first time in over a month for myself and others to get back into the gloom to how we previously remember it, although with a few modifications.

The group from Waxhaw is incredible + we had a few additional Coca-Cola comrades and Indian Land tribesman to round us out a 16 for the day. With the larger attendance today, we split up into (2) groups (responsible modification). Atlas took Group 1 to the soccer field, YHC led Group 2 to the pond course where the work for the day commenced:


  • SSH 25x
  • Burpees OYO 5x
  • Mountain Climbers 25x
  • Moroccan Night Club 25x
  • Burpees OYO 5x

The Thang

Today’s concept was fairly easy to grasp, much more difficult to execute. The Hateful 8 setup for the day was 10reps of 8 exercises. After executing all 80reps, take 1 Hot Lap around the pond/soccer field followed by 1 Cool Down lap.

After that circuit was complete, an exercise from the Hateful 8 would be removed, and the reduced to 7 exercises. Repeat the circuit, continuing to reduce the list of exercises. No, the PAX were not allowed to pick which exercises were eliminated first.

  1. Burpees
  2. Diamond Merkins
  3. 6in LBC
  4. Jump Squats
  5. Plyo Merkins
  6. Pistol Crunch
  7. Bombjacks
  8. Burpees, again because they are such a crowd pleaser and the first and last to go

Both groups were getting after it today, Group 2 was a solid mix of speed and brute strength, Group 1 had the injection of youth with a couple of 2.0’s in the mix. Didn’t hear much out of them as they were busy doing work.

Post Hateful 8, we were sitting on about 3min just enough time for some quick chest work. Grab some curb, Decline Merkin position for (10) stagger right (10) stagger left (10) regular (10) negative 5ct dips and why not, (5) burpees OYO.


Solid work today out of a strong group of 16. Definitely enjoyed getting back out and returning to some sense of normalcy from a workout perspective. Groups like these provide a push to up the level of intensity vs. what you achieve solo. Today was no different.

Didn’t even realize until NAME-o-RAMA we had a FNG amongst us. He was in my group the whole time in crushed through everything, never would have guessed it was his first F3 workout. Great job and welcome DITKA (long time Packer fan).

Hope to see others starting to make their way back to The Gloom.

We’ll continue to stay away from Partner Wall sits, Piggyback carries etc. despite Goodfella’s wishes.


  • More info coming from Bottlecap on Charity support, fundraiser in the works to provide a nice donation to a couple of the local charities
  • ShopDawg starting up QSource, reach out to him for more details or check the F3 Waxhaw news sources

Over & Out


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