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Getting The Band Back Together

Diccs given  to include social distancing and breaking group into 3 groups for proper social distances and some instructions on how today will go– Chicken Little group 1, Rockwell group 2 and Schneider group 3.


Warm up– Follow your group Q around parking lot and group 1 go to parking lot nearest to middle school and groups 2 and 3 go to the parking lot furthers from middle school for individual warm ups as a group.  All groups started and ended warm ups together before groups breakout work for the THANG

The Thang

Every group did the same exact exercises but we all started at different locations with our groups to help with CROWD control. Below is the path that group 1 followed and group 2 did this in reverse while group 3 started at the high school and worked their way through the workout.

Mosey to the trail at COT for some good ole leg work – 10 bomb jacks and 10 jump squats at alternating lights all the way down to transporter shed.

Mosey up to the T intersection at the bottom of the hill near the buses for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before completing 2 rounds of 25 Pistol LBCS and 10 BIG BOY sit ups.

Mosey up the trail to circular island for 5 bomb jacks and 5 jump squats before  1/2 of a terrible Web– 4 Mike Tyson , 4 dry Docks and 4 air presses for 5 rounds– increase air presses by 4 each round and keep Mike Tysons and Dry Docks the same — UGH!!!!!

Mosey back down trail and up towards the front of the high school for 5 more bomb jacks and 5 more jump squats. FINISH THE WEB … – 4 Mike Tysons , 4 dry Docks and 4 air press each round for 5 more rounds starting at 24 and ending at 40– DOUBLE UGH….

Mosey back down to the covered area near the buses for some ab/arm work- 20 Heels to Heaven, 20 box cutters and 15 shoulder tab merkins with a lap in between each exercise and 5 bomb jacks at bottom of stairs— before we left we knocked out 10 big boys and 20 pistol LBCS two more times.

Mosey to the front of the middle school for– 10 derkins/30 dips and a 1/2 lap – 2 times. While on lap one in our group the Bullies from Ignition came storming through on the road above us picking on Glidah for hanging with us– I HEARD YOU—- DARN BULLIES!!  Glidah was hanging out with us so he can hang with the FNG’S he bought you big ole meanies!!!

Finished just in time!!!whew…. and all groups are in


As always it is a honor to lead this group of men and the crowd was very impressive today 28 PAX TODAY at Flash. Posse was on Q with myself and Rockwell to be there as the backups but word on the street is he jacked his toe up- GET BETTER soon Posse. Thanks to Rockwell and  Schneider for helping  Q the official relaunch of FLASH during the pandemic. Also thanks to Goodfella who as always helps communicate to the PAX and push the PAX as he help reel us in and get us organized at the start. It was awesome to see that we had 3 FNGS today on a relaunch so please welcome  1.

Ponzi – Mike Willard he was named for the line of work he is in which is financial advising.. yikes…

Field Goal- Chad Conkling he was names for the shirt he was wearing BAMA the crimson tide — even though he really is a NCSU fan

Wax- Craig Russel ( FROM THE BRIARS AND THE CREST) who was named for traveling or living in Brazil –( Brazilian wax) damn!!!  Now there is a movement on the playground to change his name to Landing strip– goodness!!!

Rockwell thank you for taking us out brother- well said


Watchtower 6am- Rockwell and Ackbar on Q ( Doughboy is not going to be there to fight the time change)

Bushwood- Fiji on Q with One Star on back up.

$100 pax Challenge- stay tuned for venmo, paypal , who to write checks to ect… or just drop cash off in small  untraceable bills in a paper bag at Recalculating’s house between the times of 11pm-3:15 am under the rock on the left-hand side of his house that is near the YELLOW azalea, NOT the RED ONE , it is a trap– remember YELLOW azalea. When you lift the rock up there is a safe in a 3×3 hole and the combo is 9 right, 7 left, 14 right, 56 left, 0 right.


Peace out and have a great day boys


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