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100 PAX Challenge

A few questions heard during this recent craziness:  “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” . . . “DO YOU KNOW AN ORGANIZATION IN NEED?” . . . “DOES ANYBODY ELSE FEEL THEY SHOULD BE DOING MORE OR JUST ME?” (Ed. Note: That last question is the one repeating in my head)

It has become abundantly clear since our #LaunchVergence on Labor Day that F3 Waxhaw is a group OF leaders.  With all that is going on lately, it is a great time for us to live out our mission of “Male Community Leadership.”

About a week ago, one of the local charities we partner with dropped a comment in a text conversation that read in part: “We are ok on food (pantry) but we are behind on rent and utilities for the building.”  They have never asked us for money so we know that this situation is different.  When we threw out a GroupMe GIF brainstormed, one of our PAX remembered hearing on the F3 Podcast about another Region doing a unique fundraiser.

So F3 Waxhaw stole the idea presents to you the “100 PAX Challenge” . . . The premise?

  • Get at least 100 PAX to each give $100 (or more or less) for a TOTAL GOAL of $10,000
    • We know everybody’s circumstances vary widely so please just give as you are led (all donations accepted)
    • We aren’t tracking who has/hasn’t given, but just the total number to encourage participation
  • We will give away all the donated money to 2-4 local charities of our choice
    • $2,500 or $5,000 grants
    • Interviews will be conducted to see how F3 could partner with them for the long term; not just give money and run
    • Focus would be on local charities who are helping the less fortunate in our Waxhaw community (ex. Meals for families, Lunches for children, Help for Single Moms, etc.)

Next Steps:

  • PAX:  By end of May: Donate $100  (or more or less)
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:
    • NOTE:  All monies donated will be collected and monitored by F3 Waxhaw Board (you can trust most of us)
  • PAX:  Raise your hand to help with this initiative (ex. Identify/Interview Charities, Present ideas to improve process, Encourage companies to match funds, etc.)
  • PAX:  Encourage other PAX and family/friends to participate
  • “100 PAX” Committee: By middle of June:  Interview Charities and award the funds

We are incredibly blessed to be a part of such an amazing F3 organization and we have the opportunity/resources to make a collective big difference by giving back in a relatively small way for each of us.  Thanks in advance for your support and for being a leader.  Reach out to Dancing Bear, Foundation, Recalculating or Bottlecap with questions or if you’d like to help in different ways besides $.

F3 Waxhaw

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