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“FORE” Bushwood Relaunch!!

DiCCS Reviewed with new social distancing measures!!!
Fiji and OneStar had the pleasure of hosting a stellar group of 9 PAX for a good pre golf game warmup!

The Warmup:

Mosey around to main parking lot at MES!!
18-imp Walker
18-mtn climbers
18-calf stretch

OneStar led the pax  to rock pile and select their one and only “ROCK”!!

Triangle of pain
3 stations
9 total exercises-with rock
Divided Pax into 3 groups-changed stations after each exercise-do 1 burpee when arrive at next station

Lower body station
18-lunges-single count
18-kettle swings

Core station
18-am hammers-single count
18-Freddy Mercury-single count
18-lbc with rock on chest

Upper body station
18-shoulder presses
18-tricep presses

Fiji took over for the 2nd half of the pregame warmup and let the Pax on a easy mosey to the Wall at the rear parking lot at MES and split the Pax into teams of 2

Partner 1 runs around circle and does 5 Mike Tyson’s mid way while partner 2 starts the 1-2-3-4 exercises. Rotate upon finishing each lap!

101 Merkins as a team
101 Donkey Kicks
202 LBC’s
202 Heels to Heaven
Finished with the traditional Indian Run and Fijian Quickfeet to round off a wonderful 45 min pre-golf warmup!!



Gents, sorry for the late backblast but the hectic day got the better of me today.  Glad I started it the way I did.  Enjoyed seeing everyone this morning and it was an honor to led you men today and the 2.0’s!!  Great work this morning gents!  It was a hard and tough workout but everyone came through with flying colors and not much chatter about Merkins or Mike Tysons!!  We finished strong TOGETHER!!


Goodfella and Carb Load at Dromedary tomorrow at 6am

The 100 PAX Challenge!!  Donate $100 per PAX to reach Goal of $10,000 to support a few of our local charities at this time of NEED!!

All Pax took a knee and One Star led us off with a prayer!!

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