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Dromedary: Part 1 of 2

The current situation of scheduling at least 2 Q’s per workout is a blessing, not a burden.  Waxhaw AO’s draw >10 Pax every day, and we have seen huge numbers since we re-opened on Saturday. My co-Q for today, Carb Load, and I worked out ahead of time who would venture where (on/off the MRHS campus) and it worked out well. “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!”.   Our backup Q, Mad Dog, was also ready to lead should we burst above 20 Pax today.  With so many new regulars posting at MES/Bushwood, we needed to prepare for what might happen.  With Chiseled now a traditional Bootcamp now to avoid sharing gear, we had no idea the impact that might have on the overall numbers today.


Dromedary and Waxhaw Shovel Flags firmly planted for the Pax to find our temporary parking area in front of the HS.

We counted off by 2’s, split the group, then YHC and Carb Load went our separate ways for a warm-up. YHC’s “1 of 2” group warmed up in the HS and Football lots, with the Carb Load “2 of 2” group circling the lot then headed up the driveway for their off-campus beating. The 1 of 2 group did a running warmup, stopping every so often in between each exercise:

  • (20) SSH’s
  • (20) IW
  • (20) Low Slow Squats
  • (10) Plank Jacks + (10) Mtn Climbers + (10) Peter Parkers)
  • Stretch the back with Upward/Downward Dog, Runner’s Pose, Prayer Twist…repeat for both sides

Done!  Mosey to the Parking Lot grassy hill for some work.


Time for some 7’s on the Hill, with Hand-Release Merkins on the bottom, and Shoulder-Tap Merkins at the top.  Nice job by all pushing it, and to Sprinkles for taking the lead with some Plank and Mary while we wait for the Six.  Done!  Mosey to the small track.

Grab a large lifting rock from the rock pile, spread out on the track for some strength work.  After each set of (4) exercises, we would run a 1/2 Hot Lap and 1/2 cool down Lap.  Here is what we did:

  • (20) Curls + (20) Shoulder Press + (20) Bent Over Rows + (20) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (15) Curls + (15) Shoulder Press + (15) Bent Over Rows + (15) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (10) Curls + (10) Shoulder Press + (10) Bent Over Rows + (10) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • (20) Curls + (20) Shoulder Press + (20) Bent Over Rows + (20) Tricep Extensions…Run
  • Done!  Return your rock!

Mosey up the School Bus lot to the little power building for some “Physical Distance” Ab Partner Work.  One partner would exercise on the curb, the other next to the wall to keep us out of someone else’s sweat!  While P1 did the following exercises, P2 ran a lap around the building:

  • (150) LBC’s
  • (150) Flutter
  • (100) Heels-to-Heaven

5-minute warning sounded, time to head back towards COT.

Quick Mary over the last 3 minutes…DONE!



It was great to see a mix of Waxhaw Regulars, New Regulars, and some who haven’t been out in a while with a group. Great work by all today, as the goal was to lift some weight since we don’t do enough of this on a regular basis.  Mission accomplished.  From what I heard from Group 2 of 2, they got in over 4 miles with Pain Stations, while averaging a 12-minute mile even with stops for pain.  Awesome.

All-in, we hit 20 Pax today at Dromedary, had another 14 at the new and improved Chiseled, 4 ran Morning Woods, and 2 worked out in Millbridge.  Not a bad Wednesday when we can get 40 Pax post around Waxhaw!

On a side note…we all know F3 means different things to different Pax. Some only work out, some work out and enjoy some fellowship, and some participate in all 3 F’s.  Just this week, YHC had one new Pax reach out to tell  me he is hearing from God on some things, as a result of Open Door.  Another long-lost Pax who used to post with us (and I haven’t seen or heard from in 3+ years) also asked for details on our schedule. He mentioned missing the camaraderie! We will welcome him back when he is ready.

I say all this as a reminder about why we never really closed down F3 Waxhaw, and why it was more important that we open back up to reach current, former, and new Pax in this time. More data and research is showing that the ancillary/secondary health-related issues resulting from COVID-19 will be far worse than the virus itself.  Our body is designed to heal itself, and we know that exercise is a huge part of building up our Immune Systems.  Let’s take it upon ourselves to invite FNG’s and reach out to Pax who may have drifted.  This is literally life-enhancing and life-changing stuff we are talking about.  It’s our time to “give back” for all that F3 has done for us.

As a result of our planning, execution, positive energy, and consistent leadership, it’s clear we are going to grow like crazy in Waxhaw and in our new mission fields.  This means more leaders will emerge among the Pax (as we are already seeing), more families will be impacted in a positive way, and we will have an even greater impact on our community.  The train is rolling…jump on!

As always, it’s a blessing to be able to lead among a bunch of leaders!


  • 100 Pax Challenge. 100 Pax donate $100 each to raise $10K for local organizations in need. Currently at ~$2,100 since launching on Monday.
  • Cobbler + Sprinkles on Q at Dromedary on 5/20
  • Big Ben + Spaulding on Q at Dromedary on 5/27
  • Still need 2 Q’s/week in June…please step up, fellas!

YHC took us out in prayer.  #CradleToGrave

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