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T-Pace ?!?!?

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Pretty simple, it’s Pursuit, just run right?  Well, leave it to Bratwurst to devise an 8 week plan to prepare us PAX for a 5-10k race on July 4 weekend.  His plan puts all the science behind the “just run” theory.  Still in week #1, today’s speed workout involved 5 minute intervals at T-Pace and 1 minute of recovery, rinse & repeat 4-6x.  Which resulted in around 7 miles including the warm up and cool down.  Not too shabby.  For those interested T-Pace is Threshold Pace, a pace you can hold for a long run (an uncomfortable running pace) or to confuse you further it is about 1 minute per mile slower than your R-Pace (Race pace, dummy, come on keep up, your in Bratwurst world).  I just shake my head up and down and run, usually works out.  Well, that’s it for the weinke, didn’t seem too tough on paper …


The intervals had a way of sneaking up on you.  By the last one I felt like I had just ran a race, completely wiped out, ready for a very slow mosey back.  Which thank you Rubbermaid for guiding us back, much appreciated.  Most of the PAX I kinda of expected, but Nails, ToolTime and Rubbermaid were a surprise.  Loved seeing Nails out there getting it done, working really hard, you can tell he plans to get faster.  Rubbermaid said he clocked some sub 8’s, so he’s moving from run all day long to run fast all day long, watchout.  And that was my first time getting to know ToolTime, this dude is fast, hung right there with Gerber and I the whole time.  Gerber was crushing it, I kept slowing him down, he had this sling shot effect coming off the round a bout that both ToolTime and I had trouble hanging with.  Glidah and Dasher were there too, I don’t think Dasher woke up until interval 2 or 3, but Glidah had his back, kept him moving in the right direction:)


100 for 100

Pray for Thoms family and friends

Mayhem – Thanks for taking us out (neighbor)!



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