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Clyent Dinner – Grand Re-Opening

6 PAX stormed back into the SC restaurants Clyent Dinner for a Zoom workout in person.  (SIDE NOTE:  Clyent Dinner is still serving takeout with a Zoom workout offering at the same time . . . They had 7 PAX on Zoom).  During the shutdown, the Clyent Dinner chefs played around with some recipes and decided to put a new item on the menu tonight . . . “The Blutarski” – A delicious 0.0 workout baked in sunshine.


  • No mosey . . . Circle Up
  • SSH, Merkins, PP, Merkins, MC, Calf Stretch


  • Grab a coupon and grab some bench
  • Curls, Half Curls, Negative Curls x 15
  • Shoulder presses, Chest Press, Overhead chest pull, Behind back push x 15
  • Partner work:
    • P1:  Various exercises (Curls x 200, Shoulder Press x 200, Bear Plank Hydrant AYG x 3 times)
    • P2:  Various exercises to halfway across parking lot (Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk, Double Broad Jump Burpees)
  • Backwards Webb
    • 1x Behind Back Push, 4x Behind Back Squat . . . Repeat 2/8, 3/12, etc.
    • Breaks for some chest work


  • The arms hurt so bad we could barely lift up the post-workout beers . . . Way to fight through it gentlemen!
  • We ended with the “Have a nice day” . . . F3 Waxhaw’s newest and best finishing exercise
    • Lay on your back, Spread your arms and legs, Look up into the sky, And just be silent for about 30 seconds . . . Great way to end the workout and begin your day (night)
  • SCUBA attended his first in-person F3 workout (previously only on Zoom) . . . #Respect for many reasons, but my favorite is that he has Wolverine chasing HIM on long distance swims
  • Cobbler and his 2.0 Beans came to work today . . . Don’t tell Gronk but she wants to beat him and she is on track to doing so . . . Hard Worker
  • Wrigley looked lost without Drumstick put in some serious work with his cinder block tonight . . . Appreciate him hustling on the partner work so I didn’t have to wipe my tears do too many reps
  • Easy Button posted TWICE today despite being injured (pulled calf) . . . Calling all MASHers, Fartsackers, Perennial 6’s . . . What is your excuse?  Get your butt out there and get better


  • 100 PAX Challenge:  We are trying to get 100 PAX to donate $100 (or more or less) by mid-June with the goal of giving away $10,000 to local Waxhaw charities so we can impact our community in a BIG way . . . And not just with $ but also with our time . . . Please consider being a part of this in some sort of way
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:
  • Blackhawk:  New F3 Waxhaw Saturday bootcamp workout
    • Saturday 0700-0800
    • Walnut Creek Park (Awesome AO)
    • Bottlecap on Q this Saturday
  • Clyent Dinner:  Continuing with 2 Options
    • Zoom and In-Person
    • Both 5:30-6:15pm Thursday nights

YHC took us out . . . We have so much to be thankful for.  Let us live out that thankfulness by helping others.

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