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Impromptu is Back

Happy to be back with an official re-opening of Impromptu.  With my running mate Akbar at the ready we worked on a plan to keep our groups below the 10 Pax limit.  Plan was  to keep two distinct workout areas; Middle School Campus and the High School Campus.  We constructed  a Wienke that was similar for each site, but also provided some personalization by each Q.


Mosey/SSH/LSS/Merking/6 -plank jacks/Abe Vigoda

The Thang

A Starfish 6 location and back event

Run to the 1st location and do prescribed exercises at 3 rep counts – 15,20, 25.  Choice of: Donkey Kicks, Knee Slaps Merkin, Step UPs, Bobby Hurley’s, bear crawl, Derkins

Run back to start via an Indian Run and do 5 Burpees at Start

Rinse and Repeat at 5 other locations around the middle school campus

Started most series with the knee slap to get the heart rate going

Indian Run was a COVID challenge – the line could get pretty long and or wide

The small group setting seems to work out well and encourages everyone to do the work together


Zin overslept for Swarm – so he was leading the efforts on runs

Chainsaw has been reborn – down a ton of weight after making some healthier eating choices and boy has his speed improved.

Shopdog new and improved = was a sprinter today – showing that he belongs in Swarm.  He was always sneaky fast; but now with reduced weight he’s not sneaky – just fast

Cobbler was searching for Rudy’s Poop Palace at the DCCS and joined us after taking care of business

Gronk – the little guy – good and fast out of the gate.  Maybe he thought we were playing cops and robbers and he was the robber trying not to be caught?

Tonya Tee – call me deaf or my hearing aid wasn’t working – dude got after it.  hope he comes out more often.

Lots to think about these days.. but it’s the F3 Juice that’s been getting me through this valley of  lost personal connection.  Staying connected via Groupme, Slack, Zoom was a great bridge to the in person bonds that we create each time we converge and workout.

It’s just the start of the new normal – but in reality we never left and doing our work in “batches” versus the entire lot.

100 PAX Challenge – goal is to raise $10K in pretty quick time frame so we can have an impact in our local community.   Reach out to me, Ray, Smithers and Dancing Bear (if he ever shows up to a workout)

-Premature in the house with a cash pledge yesterday – I’m washing the money now.

3 workouts tomorrow – commitment, homecoming and blackhawk


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