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Old 87 and Audible free!!!

It felt good to Q today! I can’t even remember the last I Qed the floater much less any other site. I rolled in super HOT almost late even though I was up an hr early, don’t ask.  Let’s go!!!!!!


Zin gave the DiCCS…


Long mosey around towards Pizza Hut and circle back around to Dream Chasers. Circle up at the usual spot.

  1. 10 SSH
  2. 10 IM
  3. 10 Merkins
  4. 10 Plank Jacks
  5. Leg Stretch

The Thang:

Mosey to Providence rd west – Paula Abdul

  • 5 Squats Alternate
  • 5 Merkins

Called recover as all Pax were finishing. Let’s mosey to KJH.

  • 7’s @ KJH
  • 1 burpee @ bottom/6 squats @ top. 2/5, 3/4

I was SO close to pulling the famous DW audible but I powered through. Foundation was really my main motivator. The guy was a complete animal and never slowed down the entire morning, much respect to him and his work effort. That hill is awful and stretching the run out to the laundry mat made it even worse!

Mosey to top of hill for the start of 4 corners. We had like 6 mins to go.

  • 5 Mike Tysons
  • 5 Carolina Dry Docks….Time expired and I think we made 2 laps.


There was literally zero mumble chatter today because we were putting in the work. Everyone left it all out on the proverbial field and killed it. I may or may not have had questionable form on the first set or merkins but I was getting serious pressure from Carbload, the dude can move. I will be glad when all this distancing is lifted!! This is the first time I have Qed during the new format and the COT format bothers me. Maybe it shouldn’t but it does.

(Temporary Fuse moment coming) If all Pax can circle up at the beginning of a work spaced 6-10′ apart why can’t we do it at the end of the workout in COT? 10′ is 10′, Should we continue splitting into 2 groups absolutely, maybe even when all the restrictions are lifted. Small groups are more intimate, you talk to more guys, you build faster relationships during the workout, crossing the street is safer… the list could go on. Splitting COT at the end today felt like we were driving a wedge down the middle of the pax….it felt wrong.  If the “rule” is no gatherings 10 or more, then maybe we rethink all AO’s, there were at least 18 guys standing in a circle when I pulled up. Do we follow part of the rules or all the rules? I don’t have the answers, just asking the questions…there seem to be some serious gray areas.


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