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Swarm meets Waxhaw Express

Swarm meets Waxhaw Express

Was a little concerned when I put it out that the first part of Swarm would be a 2.5 mile run on who would attend. We got a couple takers in Goodfella and Rubbermaid, great to have you guys join us. Pretty sure Rubbermaid has already run a couple more times today. Goodfella was hangin strong for the first mile then I heard some rumbling of that’s enough at this pace.

I’ve heard a few people mention this over the last couple weeks about how this weekly virtual race has brought a group of people together to push ourselves and each other beyond our comfort level and accomplish things we wouldn’t have thought possible. We have more to accomplish so keep it up. It’s great to be able to share this with my F3 brothers. Wolverine, thank you (I think) for helping set the tone and tricking us into new heights.

Cryo and compression boots didn’t help recovery for Deadwood, he went out in typical DW fashion. Pretty sure he led the group at the mile mark then around the 1.75 mark he hit the wall.

Gladah the sprinter has some distance speed to him. Next week will be the big test as we have a 5 mile run.

To our hurt Easy Button and our lone wolf Hollywood, we missed you guys. Hollywood, based on your time you could have used the group push. EB take care of that calf.

Can’t forget to call out Gerber for be our 3.1 mile runner while the rest of us ran 2.5 miles. He had an 18 sec PR and didn’t have his pacer speedbump with him. Can’t slow down now because you need to run 6 next week while the rest of us do 5 miles. 😉

After we got a chance to catch our breath and compare times, we had more work to do. Grumbles came from the Pax as some were ready for coffee and donuts. We stayed in the HS parking lot did some curls, shoulder press, triceps, and ab work. In between sets we ran across the parking lot and back. Started heading back and stopped at Rudy’s for a donkey kick/shoulder press web. We got in over 5 miles today for each person. Great work everyone!

Gerber – 3.1 mile run
5/15 – 6:10 pace 19:09 race time (PR 18 sec)
4/25 – 6:16 pace 19:27 race time

Wolverine – 2 mile run (not on our team)
5/15 – 6:10 pace 15:26 race time (different course)
4/25 – 6:05 pace 15:15

Bottlecap – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:14 pace 15:39 race time (PR 6 sec)
4/15 – 6:17 pace 15:45 race time

Hollywood – 2 mile run (Lone wolf)
5/15 – 6:17 pace 15:49 race time
4/25 – 6:10 pace 15:32

Easy Button – 2 mile run
5/15 – IR
4/25 – 6:36 pace 16:37 race time

Glidah – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:30 pace 16:25 race time (PR 12 sec)
4/25 – 6:36 pace 16:37 race time

Dasher – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:32 pace 16:25 race time (PR 36 sec)
4/25 – 6:47 pace 17:01 race time

Deadwood – 2 mile run
5/15 – 6:44 pace 16:53 race time
4/25 – 6:37 pace 16:33 race time

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