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Got the call from Posse for the the  Q at Homecoming and gladly accepted.  Getting back into Q shape – means formulating a Wienke that can challenge all and take up the 60 minutes; without equipment needs some thought.  Good news is with all the virtual Weinke’s that we published the last few months – there is some great material out there to steal from.

Showing was light when I got there – a few mashers and 5 total that would hit the homecoming workout- with 4 finishing – more on that later

3/4 mile mosey to get the blood flowing – Zin confessed to putting a dent is his Craft inventory and was a little crusty – so thought I would ease into it a bit.

The Thang

10 shoulder tap merkins>>>then 10 regular merkins

10 V-ups >>>>then 10 LBC’s

Repeato 3 times


To hill and back – the hill at the entrance

3 Burpees and 5 Big Bois at top

10 Mike Tysons and 15 Speed Skaters at the bottom

Repeato – 4 laps

*this is where we lost legalized to the mashers – no warning – just picked up like the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night and left – apparently not a fan of the hill

The Pyramid

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 HR Merkins

20 Mountain Climbers

45 second plank

20 plank jacks

15 HR Merkins

10 Merkins


– not sure who created this but it is a beast.  complaints were heard and I tried to  switch it up – but basically

Repeato – 3 times

Back to the parking lot for 15’s(that turned out to be like 11’s or 8’s)

You know the drill

Suicide line touches for a minute – but man I think they moved back the lines in the parking lot.  I remember 15’s and 13’s being completed pre Covid days.

We did 2 regular, 1 backwards, 1 side shuffle

Buzz – times up.

Smaller Group today which was pretty cool.  Mumble chatter and the banter is awesome in a small group.

Zin – yes he was crusty/stale from the nite before; but no spilled Merlot; a few Q high jacking attempts and a lot of bitching about the lack of creativity— Good to hear complaints on the Weinke

Southern Tip – not sure how he does it with mostly just 1 F3 workout a week – was strong on the hill and runs -not a fan of the Pryamid but completed it.  Led on the line touches

Blue Screen – Long distances may not be he favorite – but he can move on the short distances – was a killer on the line touches.  Not a fan of the Hill portion and was doing some politicking to change it up –

Legalized – what can I say – excellent at the warmup — but in his defense he’s been pulling a long stretch of 2AM’s trying to hit a code release –

We still covered 3.4 miles and the social distancing was followed.  We all kept to our own sweat piles.

Lots of good work and blessed have Q’d today

100Pax Challenge

Keep Thoms family in your prayers

2 Qsource programs – after Asylum and After Impromptu

Coffateria at the Target lot


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