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10-10-Old Fart WEBBinar

17 Pax for Flash this morning that began with the difficult task of counting off 1…2…1….2….1…2….3….1…2  This proceeded around the circle with some pax counting off 2x and being included in group 1 and 2.  Oh boy are we in for a tough one today.  Once we finalized the groups we covered DCCS  and began our mosey.  Leading group 2 we headed towards the High School Parking Lot.  We stopped in front of the High School entrance for quick warmup.  Looking around the group we for sure had the older/wiser silver fox group who knew how to work hard and sure put in the effort today.


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • Low Slow Squats

Mosey to High School Parking Lot.



Using the slightly shorter 4 corners the premise was run to called corner and back to start.  Once back at start begin doing the called reverse WEBB 10/40…working down to 1 /4 of called exercise.  When you return just jump in with given count of the group.

  • Round 1:  Run to corner 2  and at start do Merkins/Mt Climbers
  • Round 2:  Run to corner 3  and at start do Big Boy Situps/Freddie Mercury
  • Round 3:  Run to corner 4  and at start do Squats/Speed Skaters
  • Round 4:  Run to corner 1  and at start do Merkins/Air Press

Begin mosey back to shovel flag.  Along way stop at Middle School parking lot and do reverse WEBB of V Ups/Flutters.  Mosey back to start with 0:30 sec spare.


  • Heard some sighs of relief once we took the first turn vs. going the full outskirt of parking lot.
  • Mad Dog aptly pointed out YHC sweating more then Striker in Airplane
  • JWoww appeared strong in merkins, but YHC little disappointed to not see any levitating merkins during the WEBBs
  • Appreciated Deflated for calling out the 10 counts.  This allowed YHC to call out 20 after 10 seconds more reps



  • 100 Pax Challenge – Looking to have 100 Pax make contribution to be used to give away to selected local charities.  Latest tabulation of contributions shows that we have 28 PAX who completed a donation, looking for more Pax to continue to step up.
  • Diving into the #’s a little more and see the breakdown by neighborhood for donations received:
    • Lawson – 9
    • Briarcrest* – 7 (does not include Briarcrest West resident Deadwood)
    • Millbridge – 5
    • Other – 7
  • Would like to throw out challenge to Pax to see which Neighborhood can complete the most donations by next Monday.  I am sure we could come up with a little wager/punishment to add some incentive.  Look forward to seeing Lawson triumph over the Briars with their “Large Lots & Small Hearts”
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