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No rain, no gain

8 of us braved the threat of rain today.  Slaughter quoted on an F3 podcast that “if you haven’t done a workout in the pouring rain, you are missing out”.  Were we hoping for rain?  I doubt it, but we posted either way!  The disclaimer was given, and we were off…

Here’s what went down:

Warm up lap

Warm up exercise

SSH x 25

Forward Arm Circles x 20

Backwards Arm Circles x 20

Seal Claps x 20

Overhead Claps x20

Mosey to wall behind school

Press x 40

Jabs x 40

Track – 2 full laps around the track.  At each corner do work:

Corner 1 – Burpees x 10

Corner 2 – Bobby Hurley x 10

Corner 3 – Bomb Jacks x 10

Corner 4 – Broad Jumps x 10

Mosey to basketball court

7’s – 1 Merkin – run to other end of the court – 6 Dry Docks.

Repeat – 2 Merkin – run – 5 Dry Docks… so on and so forth (always equals 7)

Mosey back towards COT – Jump Squat x 5 at each light pole

Parking lot Bear Crawl & Crab Walk

Bear Crawl 3 lines, Crab Walk 3 lines, so on and so forth length of parking lot and back

Center of parking lot

Circle up in Plank position – Each PAX calls out an exercise (10x) – PAX jumps up from Plank position, runs back to curb, completes exercise and returns to circle in Plank.

Indian run to the back of the school.  1 Burpee at the back of the line.

Grab some wall

Press x 40

Donkey Kick x 15

Jabs x 40

Donkey Kick x 15

Indian run back to COT

Circle up for some post workout stretching



We made it 40 minutes into the workout before the rain started to fall.  However, we only made 40 seconds into the workout before Damascus started asking if we were going to do calf stretches.

Thanks for the great push by everyone and thank you for the opportunity to Q.  It’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.


  • 100 PAX Challenge is continuing to take donations. The goal is $10,000.
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