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Rock n Run

Eleven Twelve souls woke up early enough and looked outside to find no rain for the first time in 24 hours.  8 for Chiseled and 4 Mashers.  Diccs given.  Late 90’s early 2000’s hip hop playlist going (clean versions since we are in a church parking lot).  Here is what Chiseled did….


Mosey towards the entran….HOLLY CAR CAR CAR!!!!  Around a corner doing what felt like 40 mph was Centerfold coming in hot.  I didn’t have time to turn the music down so I shielded it behind my body as I yelled back to pax to watch out.  Pax scattered to the sides of the road.  First crisis averted.  Continue to entrance stopping at the top for toy soldiers.  Continue the mosey towards Mt. Chiseled.  Stop for 20 SSH.  Mosey to the next Corner for 20 Merkins.  Mosey again and stop for 20 mountain climbers.  Mosey again past the Mashers to give them a taste of Bone Thugs N Harmony and stop for 20 Dry Docks.  Mosey one last time and stop for 20 In/Outs.  That concluded the 1 mile warm up (and I felt every bit of it).


Mosey to rock pile and avoid snakes and mud to pick up a lifting rock.  Circle up.  We will perform called exercise with a 100 yard run out and back in between each.

  • 40’s.  10 full curls, 10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, and finally 10 full curls again.   Rocks down, Run.
  • 40 tricep extensions and 40 curb dips.  Run.
  • 40 Military Marine Presses and 40 T Claps.  Run.
  • 40 Gobblet Squats.  40 (20 each leg) reverse lunges with back foot on curb (no one opted to hold their rock and I don’t blame them).  Run.
  • 40 Good mornings and 40 curl presses (mumble chatter started getting high about the rep count being too much so I obliged and audibled the 40 curl presses to only 35 – You’re welcome).  Run.
  • 40 Chest Presses and 40 rock weighted LBC’s.  Run.
  • 40 Tricep extensions and 40 curb dips (No run).
  • Curl rock as you go put it back in the pile.

Mosey around mount chiseled and meet in the middle parking lot for a chest burnout.

  • 10 diamond merkins followed by 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 ranger merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 wide arm merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 T Merkins and 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 Superman Merkins and 20 mountain climbers.

15 seconds left.  Mosey Walk Crawl towards COT.


  • Great work from everyone today.  I was worried 35 minutes of rock work with high reps might be repetitive and boring but according to Chastain it was good. (He’s really good at lying straight to your face I guess).
  • Smokey is a beast at Asylum.  I was hoping the rock work would slow him down.  I was wrong.
  • Glydah, Smokey, and Tool Time pushing the pace most of the day.  They traded out taking the lead from each other.
  • Nails with a party foul of throwing the rock down in the grass only to see it roll into a mud puddle (Muddy Puddles for you peppa pig fans out there…sorry, I have a 3 year old).
  • Chastain and Smokey calling for a rep count audible.  I almost went with 39, but figured that was too much of an asshole move so I went 35.
  • Recalc came out to ensure no waffling occurred.  I think we made him proud.
  • Rudy pushed hard the whole time.  Having the honor of seeing my winkie in advance, he knew what was coming next and prepared nicely.
  • We finish off the three site Q Q’s at Chiseled next week with Glidah.  After that, Chiseled is needing Q’s in June and July.  Please reach out to Rudy, Glidah, or myself if you have interest in Q’ing.
  • Several pax hung around afterwards for an impromptu coffeteria minus the coffee.  We learned about each others life insurance policies (If Rudy ever goes missing, check his wife for an alibi), Covid Phase 2 talk, and that 84% of statistics are made up on the spot.


  • $100 for 100.  Up to $3,000.  That’s 30 pax.  Not bad, but I figured by now we would be close to 5K.  Get those donations into @F3Waxhaw through Venmo.
  • Q Source – 2 times to choose from.  Friday at Cuthbertson from 7:00 to 7:30.  Shop Dawg leading and they are starting the second chapter this Friday.  I highly recommend going.  A pax that attended this Monday had a profound impact from the discussion and is opening up to do more third F outreach.
  • Christ Closet still accepting furniture.  No clothes currently.
  • Thats it!  Short and Sweet.  Have a good rest of the week guys.
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