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I’m Counting It

The Thang

Diccs, let’s mosey …

Weinke: Run.  Week 2 Speed Workout, 40 min at half marathon pace.


Since Nesbit was flooded, we called an audible on our route.  Which sucked because it’s hard to find anywhere flat in Millbridge.  Pax did not complain, adjusted on the fly and got straight to work after our opening mile mosey warmup.
Gerber led the way with Tooltime close behind.  The rest of us chasing them down for a mentally and physically 40 minute grind.  No chit chat here, this was work and very proud of all these guys.  I caught a few glimpses of Glidah and Dasher, both fully committed and running hard.  Deadwood too after he showed up late to the party😝.  Never count out Rubbermaid, he was there steady at it, encouraging us and putting in the miles.  Nails too, this guy is disappearing with weight loss and I see him getting faster every workout.  It seems He is posting more than ever lately.  Posse was there on his bike, kept lapping us, you should see his bike with neon lights on the spokes!!!  Also saw Centerfold (mashing) a few times with some very heavy dumbells.  When we were done, Dasher yells, “I’m counting it!”, referring to a virtual race he was scheduled to run with us this weekend.  Smart move Dasher, let’s see if the Pax let you get away with it🤣🤣🤣


100 for 100 reminder

Then I left … ask Gerber for rest of story

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