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Going into today I already knew what I was going to do. I shared my Weinke with Bottle Cap so we would be in different areas and it seemed to work out pretty well. We did pass them one time but we kept moving so it was cool.


Quick mosey around the island to middle school (7 min pace) with two laps around the island.



5 Merkins IC

Calf stretch

Runners Lunge

I knew what was coming so I kept the warmup low in reps.

The thang:

At the middle school grab some wall:

Donkey Kicks (11’s)

10 DK’s w/ wall hold 1 merkin. 9/2 8/3

Mosey to the side parking lot at the high school

Captin Therkin w/ 1 merkin each time

American hammers, no hand flutters, pistol LBCs

Mosey to parking lot entrance.

5 merkins are each entrance all the way to the roundabout at the stadium.

At roundabout Lt. Danger

1 squat/4 jump lunges or Monkey humpers, Back lunges. 1 burpee after each set

Compass- each turn do 1 merkin

Our legs were shot at this point, let’s mosey! Head to Transporters shed.

Doc Web

1 Dry dock/4 bear crawls to 10/40 – Smoked

Mosey back to COT

two hot laps around the island at each end do 3 burpees. DONE!

the pax worked hard today! The workout wore my out. Counting on some of those exercises seemed to make it harder. It was great seeing Shake and Bake. Well done guys!!


100 Pax challenge – We are working to get 100 pax to donate $100 each. See Foundation, Bottle Cap, Centerfold, or Posse for more info. To Donate use Venmo or Paypal. Both are @F3Waxhaw.

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