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Let’s Run a Marathon Relay…. virtually

Another week and another virtual race.

This week the race is a virtual marathon with 4 team 5 mile legs and 1 team 6.2 mile run.

One thing was for sure, we were going to have to take a field trip if we were going to find a course that wasn’t all hills.

The greenway was an option but with all the recent rain it was under water and muddy.

Providence CC has a nice 1 mile downhill start and a pretty flattish 1.7 mile loop. That was our only option decided on and it was a go.

The five mile crew would do two loops and a little extra to get 5 and the 6.2 leg would do two loops and then a a longer out and back.

Easy Button is still on the IR and we hope to see you back out soon. Dasher no called no showed, Deadwood was picking up a new dog in Hillsboro, and Glidah went to White Lake searching for a flatter course.

That left YHC, Bottlecap, Hollywood, and Wolverine as the possible runners.

A car flew by me on the way up to Waverly this morning that looked to be Hollywood. However he wasn’t at Waverly when I arrived so he either ghosted us or it wasn’t him.

So then there were three.

Here’s how it went down:

The first mile was great going downhill and fast splits were handed out like party favors to everyone.  The rest of the miles went by pretty quickly as there are 6 left turns on the main loop and 12 left turns total keeps things super interesting less miserable.

– Bottlecap ran his 5 miles at a 6:48 pace, great job.

– Wolverine ran his 5 miles at a 6:42 pace, excellent.

– YHC ran his 6.2 mile leg at a 6:40 pace.

Great job everyone.  This was my first 10k for time in years and I personally needed the push to get out there, thank you.  Next week it gets real as EVERYONE is running 6.2 miles.  It’s also our LAST virtual race weekend so let’s see a good showing.

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