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Memorial Day Popeye Special!

27 Pax paid their respects on Memorial Day.

Warmup mosey to the standard Popeye warmup.  10x Merkins, mountain climbers, imperial swawkers, etc, broken up by 10x SSH each time (God bless the SSH).

Start the workout, incoming rules apply (yell incoming, everyone does a burpee)

Move to the hill.  Bear crawl up the entire hill.  Medal of Honor reading, RIP Mike Murphy.

Mosey to the bollards.  LAC (legs, abs, chest) on stoplights, 10 reps each, to the soccer fields.

Low crawl (low, not bear, face dwn, everyone is wet) for 50 yds.  Medal of Honor reading, RIP Desmond Doss.

Mosey with intermittent Mary to the high school football field.

Mogadishu Mile run back to the parking lot.  Medal of Honor reading, RIP Gary Gordon and Randy Shurgart.

Gold star reading, RIP Ronnie Winchester, USNA football #73, class of 2001, Marine Lieutenant.

73 burpees, 10x each time broken up by variable Mary each time, in honor of my classmate Ronnie.

Bottom line, four veterans laid to rest, four primary exercises to honor them with random pain in between.  Thanks for letting me honor four heroes, one of them a friend.


Chainsaw, Frack (fellow OG), Rockwell, Buckshot, Boytano, Rudy, Blades of Glory, Fuze Box, Flash, Goodfella, Pickett Fence, Bo Knows (FNG, 2.0), Back of da (sp?,) Swimmers, Ice 9 (fellow OG), Posse (a.k.a Sargeant Hulka, The Big Toe), Premature, Bottlecap, Heisman (Beat Army, dude!), Wack, Shop Dog (fellow OG), Oh-69, Ricky Bobby, J-wow, Chicken Little, Popeye


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