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100 Pax Challenge: Compounding Interest

For a shortcut or for those driving, here is a shortcut to podcast where we talk more about the 100 Pax challenge:

100 Pax Challenge Podcast

For those that have the time, please read the below.

We are officially at 49 Pax who have accepted the challenge and have help raised  $5,650.69.  As in typical F3 fashion we did not set the bar low and provide an easy obtainable challenge.  Instead, we setup a stretch goals that is difficult to obtain and requires more effort and determination then we probably thought we have ability to do at the onset.  In fact, I think if you asked us at the beginning if we raised $5,000 would we feel accomplished and happy, we would have probably said yes.  But not now.  The committee recently got feedback from some who have already accepted the challenge, and that has increased our motivation.  Now we are saying it is not a matter of if, but when will we complete the challenge.  Read some of the feedback for your self, so you can see what other Pax are saying about this opportunity:

“It means a lot to me that we are doing this and I know the money will be put to good use in our local community.  So much better than just giving to some far off charity where you don’t know if it is being used for the intended purpose.  Great to be a part of something special like F3, and more specifically Waxhaw.  We have a great group here.”  

“I am so excited about the group of guys we are working with.  This has been one of the best groups I’ve ever seen have real impact on the men that get involved.”

“If y’all need more to get to the target please hit me up”

Hey man don’t ever thank me this was my pleasure, you guys truly inspire the soul of the lost man….what we’re doing out there every morning is super special.  You can count me in for a donation each month for a while.”

So at this time we will continue to draw upon what F3 describes as the 3rd F  – Faith.  We define as not one specific religion or faith system, but simply a belief in something outside oneself.  So with that being said, we challenge you to put your “Faith” in this F3 Waxhaw group and help us as we look to directly impact our community by being able to proclaim that with the support of 100+ local men who continually come together each morning to grind, sweat, support, and move each other forward and ensure no man is left behind, but no man is left where you find him that we will not only reach our goal for this challenge, but will surpass it.   I look forward to the opportunity in the next few weeks when we have the chance to present the financial support to the final selected 2-3 charities and not only seeing the money being put to work, but having the ability to continue to partner and serve in other capabilities to further their missions.

So now we are at that point of asking challenging you to take the next step.  Be one of the 100 Pax who completed the challenge and helped with exceeding our goal.  To further incentivize you, we have received confirmation from a Pax that is willing to match dollar for dollar any contributions received this week up to $1,000.    If you work for an employer that offers matching on charitable donations, and you need to obtain further details on how to make work with 501 (c) status, reach out to any of the Committee Members (Bottlecap, Mad Dog, Centerfold, Recalc, Dancing Bear, Foundation) and we will assist in getting you the necessary information.  So think about it, a $100 contribution could potentially equal $300.  That surely will go along way and allow us to make a true impact in our community.

Here are the options for donating via Venmo/Paypal

  • Venmo: @F3Waxhaw
  • Paypal:


Look for more details to come out soon related to final recipients and how the money will be put to use, and how we can continue to partner with them in the future to improve our community.


If you want to hear more about the 100 Pax challenge give a listen to the podcast below. Where Transporter and I had opportunity to discuss the challenge.



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